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So I know quite a few people who would like this, including myself, Camtasia Studio 8 is brilliant but it's not made for gaming at all. There are things like Fraps and Dxtory but for someone like me the interface of Camtasia is amazing.

I'd like to continue to use Camtasia forever but struggle as its not optimized for gaming, also it doesn't record anything full screen. Another product, Camtasia Gaming you could call it would be ace that was optimized to record gaming.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Thanks for the request.  We've heard similar requests from other users and we are exploring our options.  As you've noted, we've not focused on the gaming market, yet we are aware of users like yourself who would find value in an offering aimed at gamers.

In your opinion, what features would be required in such a product?  What features would be nice to have, but not strictly required?

Thanks for any additional feedback you can provide.

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Hello Dave,
I wonder if there are some news about the possibility to record games full screen. My son is getting me crazy with that.
Thanking you in advance

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The main features I can think of right now would be instant recording, so to not have this 3, 2, 1 countdown and when I hit F9 it records straight away no problems. Another thing would be to optimize the editing side of things for gaming, more gaming related transitions and video effects.

Right now the effects and stuff and very basic but obviously it's not made for gaming. Also, to be able to record full screen games without it recording a black screen. Currently using Camtasia and recording a full screen game does not show the video.

I like the webcam thing, that will be very useful when I get one but maybe be able to link it with a normal camera as well. Not sure if that's possible but would be pretty awesome. Also, when I record Minecraft for example and add a fade transition to the start sometimes the Minecraft Sounds, Gameplay and Mic Recording go out of sync. So for example, I'd open a chest and then sound would play a second or two after, would be great if that could be fixed.

With those features and some others that you guys could think of it would be brilliant, the main thing would be fullscreen recording, fixing the audio syncing and things like that. Also better audio effects and editing for the audio would be good.

Though, I don't think change the layout too much as it's really friendly and easy to use but just have more features like the one's suggested above :) I'm really hopeful that this can be looked into and possibly made as I'm growing on YouTube I need a more optimized gaming recorder but Camtasia is so user-friendly and so I'd rather not steer away from it.
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Dave didn't mention it, but we were recently Greenlit in Steam if that's any indication to you of our interest in this area:

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Very cool, wasn't aware of that. This should give you guys even more reason to make a gaming edition! :p
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I'll start with what I believe would be simple things that would help gamers, then move into harder/more complicated functionality.

The trick with games is that they often reformats the screen or put's itself over the main screen while they are running, I think this causes the problem when recording full screen.

I agree, more game style sounds and imagery would be nice. It might even be possible to ask game companies to submit art so that it's easier for their fans to make videos, sense they usually use some game assets anyway.

It would be nice to integrate a one touch record and stop recording into the software. When I tried to stop the recording while a game was in full screen it didn't stop. This is an issue that more people would run into after you address the first point. It would also be nice to have the option to change the binding, this might be possible but I got the trial program today and still have a fair bit to learn.

Added to that a option to pause/unpause the recording would be nice. This way we could pause for boring bits, and with one button seamlessly add on to the end of the recording. It would be an added touch that smooths out integration.

It would also be nice to have the option to add a overlay to the screen that isn't recorded but that the user can see. A lot of more professional gamers try to keep their videos between 20-40 minutes, though that's with editing. Still it would help newer game recorders, like myself, who are new keep track of time. This could also have options to display a play/pause button for recording and file size.

A lot of people have hardware limitations. A optional ping when the hard drive reaches a certain point would be appreciated. Personally I would like the option to have the sound included in the recording or not depending on what I am doing. Heck, if I could assign a sound that would be even better because the user could assign a sound that would fit with the game they are playing. This would remind gamers that they need to find a point to stop and address the video.

Some information to help optimize recording for the game would be nice. I
know razor has software for their mice that overlays within the game.
If you could add a function like this, and integrate a performance
monitoring tool, like the one that task manager shows, this would help
gamers optimize there performance on their machine.

Streaming integration/optimization would be nice. Again, I don't know how this would work because I am new to the software but a lot of gamers stream, it's the new hot thing especially with sights like Having the ability to stream and record a resource intense game would normally be twice as hard because your recording with two different applications at once.

I think that's it for now, I'll check back in case you have any follow up questions or I think of something else.

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It's funny for me because when I tried to use Fraps to record Heroes of Might and Magic III (a 2D game), I was getting very low FPS and almost no FPS during combat. Something I'm actually glad for since it finally got me to check out Camtasia. Meanwhile, when I go to record Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning with Camtasia, I get lowered FPS and my mouse behaves as if it's a very dirty old ball mouse. Yet Fraps records it perfectly. When I do this, I'm able to edit the Fraps capture in Camtasia effortlessly.

So the first suggestion that comes to my mind is for camtasia to have a DirectX option in the same dropdown that let's you choose between camrec and I believe AVI. This is not a high priority for me since my current setup is perfectly agreeable.

The next suggestion I had was not for Camtasia to steal focus once it's called upon to begin recording. I had accidentally uploaded a video to youtube that had a few frames of my desktop in the beginning (with personal data) that I wasn't aware was there. Partially my fault, but I never asked anything to record my desktop. In Fraps, there's a yellow overlay to indicate FPS that turns red when you start recording with starting and stopping being a single button.

Which would be my final suggestion: Allow us to one-touch capture. I was able to figure out how to get rid of the capture countdown, but I still have to press F9 twice, which as stated above, steals focus from what I was trying to record and records things I never intended to.

I hope that is helpful. If you guys decide to try and integrate this kind of support, I personally would ask that it not come at a loss to other elements that make Camtasia so wonderful. All too often, I see great software go bloated or watered down trying to juggle too many balls at one time.

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