Can I capture video while monitoring a pre-recorded audio track?

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Hi, I've recorded an audio track in Camtasia (Windows) from a prepared script and would now like to play it back as I record screencasts that match the timing of the audio. Is this possible yet?
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  • a little frustrated

Posted 3 years ago

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Unfortunately this is still not possible.

This same question with the same post title was asked three years ago. Is that weird or what ?

The same workaround is still the only solution that I know of is to listen to your audio in another
player like Media player, VLC, Audacity, etc. (and multiple monitors helps too) while doing your recording and then import, sync and edit in Camtasia.

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I want this feature, too.  You can play a video track while your record your voice narration, why can't you do the vice versa?  For me, it is much easier to listen to the audio and let that guide my cadence of when to click, move and gesture on the screen.  Using voice narration, you have to alter your rate of speaking to match your pre-recorded video which often seems unnatural.
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I want this feature too. It's 2019 now, any update?
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Still waiting for this feature...
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Dubie's suggestion is still spot-on

In this example, I prerecorded the audio using free Audacity; perhaps you'll find it helpful ...

How To Play Prerecorded Audio While Screencasting With Camtasia Recorder 2019-10-06

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I want this feeatures too. It's 2020 now, hi guys any upadtes? plz let me know.
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Maybe I do not understand the problem. 

I can play any audio file on my computer while I am recording the screen with Camtasia recorder.
I just played a recording in a project file in Camtasia 9 while I was recording it with the Camtasia Recorder.
They seem to me to be separate programs and work simultaneously.
Then i put the recorded saved file into the same project I had open in Camtasia 9, separated the audio and end up with 2 video and 2 audio files all on different tracks. I can delete or lock any track I want.
I could record anything on the screen even though my audio was playing in the background from Camtasia 9. Both audio tracks were in sync.

I would agree that this is easier with 2 monitors but it still works either way.

Please give more information if the above example is not what you are trying to do.

Thanks, Bob
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Aha! So the answer stated above and also in the item from 3 yrs ago is incorrect.  It is stated above that you have to use a different audio player (other than Camtasia) to play the audio, but that is apparently not the case (at least not with Camtasia 9).  I guess using another audio player would have been workable too, but just seemed odd and unsatisfying.  The correct answer to the question would have been, yes, you can play an audio from Camtasia while recording video.  All you need to do is double click on the narration in the media pane.  This opens a Camtasia audio player and plays the narration in a separate window.  You can then play the audio while you record the video.  I am a novice with Camtasia, so I didn't know you could just click on the narration to play it--I am only used to playing media from the timeline.  I knew you could preview a media clip with video and audio, I don't know why I assumed that wouldn't work for audio narrations, just hadn't experienced it.

The only thing a little bit tricky about this method is that I have to manually sync the start of the playback and my recording, because you have to start each one separately, but I can get the hang of that.  Pausing for a second or two of silence at the beginning of your voice narration will give you some flexibility to edit them so that they sync up the way you want.  This solution is really no different than using another audio player, other than it saves you the trouble of opening a separate player and finding the audio file to play it.  

However, I think I would still regard it as a nice feature if Camtasia offered a way to start the audio playback and the video recording with the click of a single button, which would guarantee they would be in sync.  This is just the converse of what the Voice Narration function offers, which is a single button to start a voice recording synchronized with a video playback.
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I have Camtasia 2.10.8 and this does not work for me. It seems really stupid that I am having so much trouble recording video over preexisting audio.
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I also believe this should be a standard function of Camtasia. The main reason is that it would be extremely useful to be able to pause and resume audio and video exactly simultaneously using a hotkey and not the mouse. When using Camtasia to record video referencing prerecorded audio placed in the Camtasia timeline, you sometimes want hit pause, mentally plan your mouse motion for the next 30 seconds or so, then resume--without moving your mouse! Mouse continuity is key, and it's usually totally messed up by having to change focus to a third party app, e.g. Windows Media Player, to manage the prerecorded audio.