Can I freeze or pause video?

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Hello and thanks in advance if anyone can answer my question

I was curious if it was possible to pause or freeze the video (while the audio was still playing) while I'm editing it in Camtasia 9?  I've found myself spending a lot of time editing my videos (Because I get tongue tied) and having to edit both the video & audio to keep them synch'ed up with each other...  Which has been a chore!   A pause feature might be handy in these situations to let the two catch up to each other.   Since I don't know Camtasia well at all I thought I'd ask on the outside chance this feature was there

Thanks for anyone for reading & answering my question
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Posted 2 years ago

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To provide the illusion of freeze framing, put the playhead where you want to freeze the frame and press Ctrl+F. That will save the frame as an image. Then you drop the image in as a layer above the video and configure the duration as you want. The illusion will be that you have frozen the video but the audio keeps playing.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Not sure if you know this or not, but if you have recorded audio and video together, you can split the audio track from the video track.  I find it exceptionally helpful.  The other gem I found recently is that (on a Mac) if you highlight a chunk (say you're editing out a sneeze) and hold command while pressing delete, it will stitch the two pieces together; saving you from having to drag pieces together.
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Hi Keith

There are a lot of inspirational videos on youtube covering all kind of aspects in Camtasia.

Personally I write a storyboard in 2 colums - one for the video-part and the other for the narration (Word for Word, what I will say).

Then I record the video without the narration - just saying the Words from the masnuscript, while I do the Things the videopart tells me to.

Then I record the narrations in small tiny bits and the it is easy to edit/syncronice

Best Regards

Torben Fensmark, Denmark