Can Snagit do one screen grab after the other to the same "canvas"?

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I need to know can I do more that one screen grab and have them added to a single canvas.  Sometimes I am grabbing two or more screens in rapid succession from the same app or process; the grabs need to be part of a triptych (or quadptych [not sure this is a word but you get the idea]).  The more efficient workflow that would be ideal would be if I can go boom, boom. boom - screen grab, screen grab, screen grab  and not have to 1. be interrupted by going to the Sngit editor after each grab and  2. They would all be "pasted" in the same canvas that I could go to when I am done with my serial grabs.  Is there some profile that can be created to do this?
Related to this is if I am doing one grab why must I always be forced to the Sangit editor, slowing my role.  Can this be avoided? Thanks for your help.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Open up the presets and the selection at the top  and under advanced has "Multiple areas" I don't use it myself so you are on your own. See if it works for you.
However, if you have the canvas in the editor set to expand automatically, copying and pasting to one canvas is really a snap since you are going to have to move and edit the items anyway 
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Unfortunately, I don't believe any traction will be gained with multiple areas. I believe this setting only allows selecting more than one different area on the same screen. 

I'm not sure SnagIt is going to offer any setting that allows combining several repeated captures on a single canvas. But this again is where something like those pesky layers we were discussing the other day could be interesting.

I think what will ultimately be found is that the captures will need to occur, then once finished, create a much larger blank canvas and repeatedly drag the captures from the tray at the bottom to the new larger blank canvas.

Sounds like this would make for an interesting feature request though!

Cheers... Rick :)
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I don't think so - the "canvas" is specific to each image.  However- all you have to do is  take a bunch of screens in rapid succession  (turn "Preview in Editor" OFF in the capture settings if you don't want to go to the editor after each one...) .  When you do finally open the editor,  what you'll have is all of your captures in the tray.   Make sure you have canvas  "auto-expand" enabled ,  make the first of your  screenshots the "base" - then copy/paste each of the shots you did in succession onto the "base".    Arrange them as you go.  As long as the canvas "auto-expand" is enabled,  it'll keep growing as you add/arrange the subsequent captures.   Once everything has been added , arranged, and adjusted to your liking,  right click in the image and select "flatten all"   Voila - one big end-to-end image.    True this is not quite as fast as what you want to do,  but it offers a lot more control.   Hope that helps. 
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