Can I move or get rid of the Jing Sun?

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You can both move and hide it!
To hide the sun: Click the More ball, then Preferences (the icon with gears on it). You can hide the sun with the check box as shown below.

To move the sun: Click and hold the left mouse button as close to the center of the sun as possible. Keep holding the mouse button, and drag the sun to another edge of your screen. Note that Windows and Macintosh have some restrictions about where the sun can be placed..

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  • happy this option exists

Posted 10 years ago

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I have enclosed a picture which will show 2 points for further discussion.

Point 1) As you can see the arrow points to an objectdock. What I want to show here, is that I can't click on the sun because it is located behind the objectdock. So if I would be able to locate the sun somewhere else on my monitor, I would be able to click the sun and be free of the problem, which is Point 2.

Point 2) This time, the arrow points to that little pop-up in my right corner. What I want to show here, is that because of the first problem with opening the sun, I have to open Jing through there, and that makes that little pop-up stay on my screen when I take pictures, which is very annoying!

Solution: Make an update where people are able to choose where to place the sun, through Preferences. Or you could make an update where you are able to open just the same way like the sun, just instead through the shortcut on the desktop.

I hope you will consider this, as I can only see this as an better feature for everyone.

Jonas Toubeily.

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Hi Jonas, I know we had addressed this in another thread--just moving it here as I do a little housekeeping.
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That's alright, I dont see any problem with my thread being merged with this thread. Hehe.

Jonas Toubeily
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how do i unhide the sun
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Ade I also posted this on the other post about Jing. Here you go and if you have any further questions feel free to ask and if you need screenshots or a video let me know and I will make one to show where the setting is at. Thanks.

Ade you should be able to see the Jing in your taskbar and if not click on the little arrow up in the taskbar on the far right hand side and then just click on Jing and the More Button and the preferences should come back up and from there just uncheck the Hid Jing Sun and then click on the Finish Button and it should reappear. I hope this helps and let me know if it does not.

I have done that before and scratched my head when I first did it to figure it out myself. thanks for posting and have a great day/night.
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It would be great if I could put the "sun" in a different corner (no just the upper right).

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Up until a week or so ago, the Jing Sun on my Mac could be placed wherever.  Now it's pegged in the upper right corner.  Is there a way I can move it?
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I NEED TO PUT THE SUN THING IN THE CORNER OF THE SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               I WILL NOT USE THIS PROGRAM UNLESS I CAN DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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