Cannot upload trial version Camtasia video to Youtube.

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I'm using the trial version of Camtasia and I cannot upload the video to Youtube. I get the 'processing abandoned' message. It does say that the trial version is not intended for commercial use. Is this the reason why the video will not upload?
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Posted 1 month ago

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To my knowledge, there is no limitation on any functionality for the trial. The only limits are the time you have to try it, and the fact that what you produce has a large watermark on it. So this must be a separate issue. One that likely requires the assistance of TechSmith support to address.

You should consider opening a support ticket and ask for help.

There is an option off the Help menu to get you started.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Hey Danika
You need to be aware of the EULA "End User License Agreement"

Section 2.7.1 reads as follows...............

2.7.1 Subject to the terms and conditions of this EULA, TechSmith grants to you a non-exclusive license to install a copy of the Trial Version on a single Computer strictly for your internal evaluation and review purposes and not for production purposes.

In short, you're not allowed to upload a video.
You're allowed to render a video locally "On your computer"
For "Internal evaluation" and review.

Given the circumstances, I don't envision tech support helping you with uploads.


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Rick Stone

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Only TechSmith can say for certain on this, but I would have to disagree with this interpretation. Installing a copy of the software is a vastly different thing than evaluating whether the upload process to YouTube works. I see nothing that suggests one is expressly prohibited from testing that aspect of the software.

I could easily see where TechSmith would likely want to offer help to overcome this situation as it would help establish good will and potentially lead to a new customer.

But as I said earlier, this is a call for TechSmith to make. Danika Gildon won't know for sure until TechSmith has been contacted. If this happens, I'm hopeful to see another post reporting what was encountered.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Well  Danika Gildon,
I realize I'm just a Camtasia user, if you don't have confidence in my assessment. That fair. I've discussed this with TechSmith in the past.
I was just trying to save you the trouble {:>)

I took this one step further.
Appearing below is a copied and pasted post from a long time TechSmith employee. Kelly Mullins
Its can be found at this link.
Posted at least 2 years ago.

I've underlined the text in 2 locations..................

Kelly Mullins, TechSmith Employee & Helper
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Official Response
Hi Clare,
Thank you for your feedback on this matter. We appreciate it. And, I'm sorry you missed our messaging about the inclusion of the watermark. Be assured we are constantly monitoring posts like to to ensure we have the messaging in the right places.  It is our intent to be as transparent as possible about the use of the software AND the inclusion of the watermark.

Overall, just for others who might come to this post and read this, the intent of the Camtasia free trial is just that, an unpaid trial version to allow you to see how the software works before you purchase it. The sole purpose of the free trial is to work with the software before you purchase to see if it meets your needs. Not to create videos you can share with others.

The download page tells you your produced videos will be watermarked until you purchase the software.

And, the videos are not meant to be shared when using the trial version.  When you install the software, you agree to the conditions of the trial version. The EULA states videos created with the trial version are not be be shared, uploaded, etc. The EULA also states that a watermark or other method to disable sharing might be in place.

When you go to use the software, each time you start it in trial mode, you are told the produced videos will be watermarked:

And, when you go to produce your video, you are told the video will be watermarked until you purchase the software.

So, as you can see, we do try to let you know all along the way that your output will be watermarked.

But again, I'm sorry if it was not clear the produced videos are not meant to be shared and the watermark inclusion was not readily seen during your workflow.

The Camtasia team reads these posts and takes all feedback concerning the watermark seriously.


As far as You Tube goes, there are account settings you can check through your You Tube account.
Under Security.

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Testing Camtasia's ability to upload to YouTube seems a legitimate action to take before committing to buy

I reviewed the EULA regarding the Trial Version; did not see any restriction to uploading to YouTube during testing; the section [2.7] referring to Trial is offered below; if there are such limitations, I couldn't find them

Rick's suggestion to contact free tech support is the best way to resolve this

As taken from the Camtasia EULA [from TechSmith web site] ...


2.7 Trial Version. This section 2.7 and its subparagraphs apply, in addition to the license granted in Section 1 above, and solely if you have received a valid copy of a Trial Version of the Software from TechSmith or its Resellers or Distributors.

2.7.1 Subject to the terms and conditions of this EULA, TechSmith grants to you a non-exclusive license to install a copy of the Trial Version on a single Computer strictly for your internal evaluation and review purposes and not for production purposes.

2.7.2 You shall not: (a) in the aggregate install or use more than one copy of the Trial Version; (b) download the Trial Version under more than one username, if applicable; (c) alter the contents of a hard drive or computer system to enable the use of the Trial Version for an aggregate period in excess of the Trial period for which you may evaluate the Trial Version;(d) disclose the results, if any, of the Software performance benchmarks obtained using the Trial Version to any third party without TechSmith's prior written consent; or (e) use the Trial Version for a purpose other than the sole purpose of determining whether to purchase a license to the Software. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you are strictly prohibited from installing or using a copy of the Trial Version for any commercial training purposes.

2.7.3 Your licensed rights to install and use a copy of the Trial Version under this section 2.7 will immediately terminate upon the earlier of: (a) the expiration of the Trial Period, or (b) such time that you purchase a license to the Software. TechSmith reserves the right to terminate your license to a copy of the Trial Version at any time in its sole discretion. To the extent that any provision in this section 2.7 is in conflict with any other term or condition in this EULA, this section 2.7 shall supersede such other terms and conditions with respect to the Trial Version only, but only to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE TRIAL VERSION MAY HAVE LIMITED FEATURES, FUNCTION FOR A LIMITED PERIOD OF TIME, AND/OR HAVE OTHER LIMITATIONS NOT PRESENT IN A NON-TRIAL VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE. NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY IN THIS EULA, THE TRIAL VERSION IS PROVIDED TO YOU ON AN "AS IS" BASIS, AND TECHSMITH DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY OR LIABILITY OBLIGATIONS TO YOU OF ANY KIND.

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Joe Morgan

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As I stated earlier, I've vetted this subject through TechSmith in the past.
I'm no lawyer, so I defer to TechSmiths "Stated" position.

I to believe the EULA wording is vague on the subject.
So I've submitted a ticket for clarification.

Request #677487 Camtasia Phone Call

Today at 09:44
would like wording in the end user agreement in the trial to be stronger for what they are allowed to share to during the trial

Lets see where it goes.
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the EULA wording is what it is

as best as I can tell, it does not prohibit upload testing

and Rick's initial response to the original post was spot on [i.e. contact tech support]

looks like you're asking tech support to have the EULA be modified?

I believe a simple clarification from TechSmith, at this point, would be most appropriate, and, should be much faster than them making a formal change to an existing legal document
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I don't see an issue with sharing a video created with the trial version, when the huge watermark is plastered across the screen during the entire video.  The easiest way to upload videos to You Tube or any other video hosting service is to save them to your hard drive FIRST as an MP4 file or a .WAV file.  Then upload that file to the video host. 

TechSmith should be happy about videos that appear on You Tube with their watermark across the screen.  It tells others that this user (me) felt the software was worthy of my time via the creation of a trial video in the first place, and it is OBVIOUS that the video in question was made using the trial version.  What Ford dealer would not like cars rolling around town with huge sticker on the sides that read, "I'm test driving a new Ford from SMITH MOTORS of Hooterville!"

The watermark may motivate others to try Camtasia, or even inform them that Camtasia EXISTS.  Most people know about software like Adobe Premier and others, but there are MANY video editing programs out there.  Camtasia is the first video editing program I have ever used.  So far, I am happy with it.  So much so, that I paid for a license.