Capture default setting for best fit copy paste to OneNote UWP page?

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I checked with tech support last year and understand that Snagit 2019 doesn't support direct share to Win10 OneNote (UWP) pages.  

 My work around has been copy paste to the page in OneNote (ON) from Snagit 2019 share to clipboard output choice.   My issue is one of time on those OneNote pages with pasted Snagit captures.   

When printing on the printer or saving as a pdf to an archive folder, most ON pages with Snagit 2019 captures, the default capture is wonky with the bare bones ON print features and requires a manual resizing of the Snagit capture so the final print ends up on 1 page vs. unusable multi split image pages.    (See example of printer options page preview).

Question: Any quicker workaround such as a default setting for Snagit captures that "fit" ON pages without more manual resizing of the Snagit image?

thanks in advance for any suggestions or troubleshooting steps. 


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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi - I noticed that the Snagit grab is 1100 x 1500 pixels, if your screen is 96 dpi (most are), you may be limited to a Sangit size of 768 x 1008. In other words, you may have to scale it down by 1/3 or so.
You might also be able to crop it down a bit so the scale down doesn't have to be that large. 
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Thanks for reply!

Yes, you are right default setting is 96 dpi and the default paste capture, when viewed in snagit editor was about 1100 by my test pages...typed in ON as the 1100 by 1600 title which you caught. 

Another test capture, tweaking by 50%, as you suggest in scale down option, was above post image on same ON page when attempted at 1/2 or 50, became blurry after scaling downwards.

Since jumping to UWP OneNote about 4 months ago, have been scaling sides also before share to clipboard for the copy paste routine.   sometimes works if content can be squeezed in between reduced dead space areas which get cropped.

very frustrating at times...been with Snagit for years and years...generally can find a workaround that is less time intensive....was hoping for a default setting change option of some sort.

will play with your dpi and scaling options to see if other combos help.   

thanks for ideas...appreciate your time.

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There's one option that can get you there.
However, if you aren't capturing images of a consistent size. This technique can give you a mixed bag of results.
If you set up a custom capture profile and apply an effect to it called scale image. You can scale a capture by several parameters automatically.

So if you're always capturing full screen images, or images that are all the same size. It's very simple to come up with the formula that will work.
But if the width and height of your captures vary. Depending upon the rescaling choices you have made, the automatic rescaling will actually distort the image.
Or if it's a small capture, the increase in scale could be too great, pixelating the image and increasing the size of text much more than desired.
And if it's a very large capture, it could be scaled down to small. Creating problems associated with an image that is too small.

So as you can see, you have to use scale image correctly. Or it will do more harm than good.

Regards, Joe

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"So as you can see, you have to use scale image correctly. Or it will do more harm than good."

Good thought process, I think in combination with Ed's ideas, you both put me on the right path to a workaround for a good chunk of the captures causing angst.

After dinner last night, played with your "scale" settings idea and saw first hand the benefit, along with the challenges that only experimentation will overcome.   

Once I find which width setting fits the bulk of captures, will add another preset/custom capture i typically use from the "pop up" drop down custom short cut list already in my go to snagit tools.

Thank you for your time and direction...much appreciated!