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I looked at Capture again today and it's looking good!

I'm curious about a few things though.

Is there a plan to allow a wider range of colors for things like Arrows and Callouts? It looks like Capture is using a similar color palette to what SnagIt and Camtasia use as defaults. And those look a bit too "muted" for me. And especially with the Highlighter. The yellow is too dark and I like my highlights to look like I used one of those fluorescent markers.

I drew a callout but was then surprised when it had no "tail". So that's cool, I just drew an arrow. But there was no way to right-click and send the arrow behind the callout. So it would be cool to see things like a right-click option to send backward or forward or to the top or to the back.

I'm also unable to select more than one object and move them as a group. It would be nice to see that I can press and hold the Ctrl key as I click and select more than one item.

But overall it's looking quite nice!

Rick :)
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Posted 5 months ago

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I really like, but I hope it worked exactly like Jing (starts with Windows, capture into clipboard without click, automatically upload, etc). Not sure why they removed features and made it need a lot more clicks to get something done. Please, implement these Jing features. Other than that, unlike Jing it doesn't crash on high resolution monitors (the main reason why I had to upgrade).
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Could you tell me what you mean by "capture into clipboard without click"? I believe in Jing you had to click the "clipboard button" to copy your capture, though it did close the window right after you did that.
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I agree with the point above, but is there an email address that I could send a fairly detailed response to? There are a number of other things that need attention.
I like Jing a LOT. Would be happy to pay for it. Capture just doesn't cut it at the moment. It has some good features, but is clunky. I don't want to go elsewhere so please let's get it right.
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I'll email you directly, thanks!
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Paul - I'd love to give you some feedback as well. If you are open to some suggestions. I would be considered a power user of Jing.
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We created a (short) survey to collect feedback about Capture so that we generally have it collected in one place:
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I have been using Jing for YEARS and only switched to Capture today. Already quite disappointed, but anyway, let me clarify on some things.

Yes, colors are quite desaturated. Jing had the color as a border for the textbox, with always white interior. You could set the text color independantly, which was cool too.  

Jing never had a tail anyway, we had to always draw arrows. But all you have to do is draw the arrow FIRST (regardless where), then draw your textbox. Else just set your arrow's back end ON the BORDER of the text window. But again - no border anymore.

The group / multiple-selected functionality you are talking about may be great yes!

Then last, but not least, the biggest let-down and HUGE step backwards for me, is the fact that you can't make multiple captures at once, the way Jing did. You can only do ONE, then you HAVE to copy-paste, or save it, in order to make another capture. That is just terrible. These "at-your-fingertips-cos-you-need-it-quick" should not be losing functionality, but rather gaining more. Very sad that Jing will phase out and Capture (hopefully not as it is right now) will be the new option. I know one thing - if it stays like this, I will go to other software.

Anyway - for the issues that I MYSELF have with it, I have made a post as well. No response yet though...