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How do I capture a partial "scrolling window"?

For example, you use a RClick to capture multiple areas of a screen. Perhaps allow RClick to stop a scrolling window (very helpful for Excel, for example)...
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  • curious.

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Snagit currently does not have a way to take a partial scrolling capture. I'll pass this feedback along to the development team.

In the mean time, perhaps you can crop the unwanted portions of the scrolling capture out of your image in the Snagit Editor. Grabbing the white crop handle on the bottom of the capture and dragging it up to the point where you wanted your capture to end is a quick way to trim unwanted portions of your scrolling capture.
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Yes, thank you for the info, but the point is that I do a lot of Excel captures. If you try to scroll capture Excel, it goes on forever (not just till the end of data, but all the way to the end of file, ie, 65,000+ lines)...

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Hi there,
I'm not sure what version of Snagit are you using.


Versions of Snagit prior to version 10 would scroll an Excel sheet infinitely causing the issue you are seeing.

However, Snagit 10 determines where the content ends and completes the capture there.

A workaround for versions prior to Snagit 10 would be to try and right-click the mouse when you see it is going beyond the content. This will stop the capture where it is at and display what was captured in the Editor.

I hope this helps,
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Jim-- Excel is one of those "tough cases" we try our best with. Usually, we're able to capture only the cells that have content. Sometimes, though, a scrolling capture will just keep going, and going, and... well, Snagit just doesn't know where to stop.

If you're using Snagit 9.1.3 or earlier, right-clicking during the scrolling process should tell Snagit to stop scrolling and finish the capture.

In Snagit 10.0, we improved our Excel scrolling capture abilities, but no longer have the option to stop a scrolling capture with a right-click.

Sorry I couldn't bring you better news.
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Thank you for your responses.

"right-clicking during the scrolling process should tell Snagit to stop scrolling and finish the capture"...

It "should", but it doesn't seem to... This would be ideal (even for for version 10+ where there is more Excel capability). I am still going to want to take A LOT of partial scrolls in Excel (not necessarily the entire Excel sheet of data)..

I have version 9.1.2... RClicking simply cancels the capture...
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How I I capture an Excel Spreadsheet page that is longer than the active window. I want to caputure an area of the spreadsheet that has only number in it, not blank areas

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Capture a Spreadsheet.
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Suggestion: use the SET PRINT AREA as a signal to Snagit of what area to capture. The downside to this is that blue dashed lines may also be captured which would not be desireable. Alternatively, perhaps a dialog box could come up wherein we could input column and row limits to capture? Don't let it scroll past the last row with data.

In any case, I need this for version 1.x Mac. Don't forget us!
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I had version 9 of snagit and it would allow me to cancel a scrolling capture using right click. unfortunately upgrading to version 10 took this feature away.
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I'm having an issue with my new snag it for mac. when i had snag it version 8 for pc i was able to scroll a region of a web page, called Scrolling Region. i was able to scroll a portion of a web page that i chose. it seems now i cannot do that with the mac version i currently have. what i'm trying to accomplish is a scroll of let's say 3/4 of a web page. my only options now are scrolling the entire page or just the portion of the page that shows on my screen. i am not able to scroll down beyond what appears on my screen to capture 3/4 or even 1/2 the page. is Scrolling Region possible with the mac version? as you know sometimes web pages are very long and sometimes portions of the page are ads or fine print that i do not need in my capture. please help!
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It would better if I could define the Scroll area with a click and drag. I went to capture some information from a web page and the page went on forever, much more than I wanted to capture.  A Click and drag to define the scroll area would eliminate this problem - Thanks.
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Any way to simultaneously capture a scrolling web page that also has a scrolling window within it; if not, any way to capture a non-scrolling webpage that has a scrolling window within it?
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I only wish to capture the first 20 seconds of a scroll that appears might last many minutes.
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Official Response
Hi all - I’m excited to let you know that we released a new version of Snagit today with a revolutionary, new approach to scrolling capture. Being able to capture tall or wide content that can’t all fit on the screen is one of Snagit’s signature features. Now we’ve taken it to the next level.  

Introducing Panoramic capture, a new capture type in Snagit 13 (Win) and Snagit 4 (Mac)!

Since a lot of webpages (and even some desktop apps) are built differently today—with non-standard scrollbars, infinite scrolling, collapsing headers—the methods of automating a scrolling capture are less reliable.

Panoramic capture, on the other hand, is pretty much bulletproof. It captures and stitches together any content that passes through the capture area. You provide the scrolling, Snagit does the capturing and assembling. (Kind of like your camera or camera app, which is why we called it “panoramic”.) Pro tip: just like with your camera, pan/scroll slowly for best results.

So one way to think about Panoramic capture is that it replaces the custom or manual scroll methods in earlier versions of Snagit. But it’s more than that. You can do things like pan around on a map or Excel spreadsheet, capturing only the areas you want people to see, and creating an image that has the size and shape of your capture. Things you could never do Snagit or in any other screen capture software.

Snagit’s traditional, auto-scrolling capture is still in the product. In fact, we made a number of under-the-hood enhancements to it in Snagit 12.4 and Snagit 3.3.5 that were carried over into the new versions. Snagit 13 also lets Snagit use more of your system’s memory when it’s needed, boosting performance and reliability of particularly long, scrolling on 4K displays.

Here's a quick tutorial on where to find Panoramic capture and how to use it: 

Thanks for sharing your suggestions for a "partial" scrolling capture with tons of control...we thought it was a great idea and hope you find it super useful! 

Read more about what’s new in this version.  

Try out the new version of Snagit for 15 days – download it here.

If you own a license to any earlier version of Snagit on Windows or Mac, you can upgrade to the latest and greatest for only $24.95 USD – see upgrade details here.
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Your help is most appreciated!

Now I`v stumbled upon a new difficulty: I need to scroll capure not an entire web page, but a region
within, which also shows the full text only by using the scroll bar on the right... My
task is to save the text of personal messages on the mobility
platform, which will be shut
down and completely 
deleted by the end of January 2016 already!