Capturing a scaled high resolution screenshot?

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My laptop is set to a resolution of 3200x1800 and I'm using Windows scaling set to 200%.

Apart from Snagit 12 not scaling and looking very small, I have another problem.

Due to the scaling but screen is effectively now a 1600x900 resolution. 

But when I take a full-screen capture with Snagit 12, the captured image is 3200x1800. 

Is there any way for Snagit to take into account the scaling and capture at the size I'm seeing?

If I just resize the image I've captured in Snagit Editor to half its captured size - would I be risking distorting the image in any way (I would keep the proportions the same)?

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Posted 3 years ago

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SnagIt captures exactly whats on screen. At the native resolution of your monitor. So, not only are you softening the overall look on the image on your monitor by being zoomed in to 200%. If you re-scale that image after the fact, you can really tank the quality from there.

3200 x 1800 resolution doesn't jive with anything and can only be re-scaled at the same aspect ratio to avoid distortion. That aspect ratio only  matches the outdated monitors of the fairly distance past for the most part. "VGA" Or not even HD Yuck.
 At 3200 x 1800  it's better suited for video games than anything else.I use dual monitors myself. 

When it comes to video and image editing. 4K monitors are ahead of there time and create more trouble then they are worth at this time, in my opinion. But that's the likely direction of higher resolution monitors.
One day  4k will be common place and everything will mesh together well.
Plus, processors really need to be about 50 to 100% faster just to keep up.

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Sorry, Joe, you're wrong. 3200 x 1800 is the standard for some of the best high-end machines right now, including the new Dell XPS 13 9360 I am using here and the Surface Book I have at home. These displays scale to 200% or 250% and SnagIt chokes on it. This is a huge problem 
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I agree, Ed. I'm having the same issue on my Dell XPS 9360 and it's making it very difficult to create documentation and support materials using Snagit. I'm hoping this gets addressed, soon.
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Sam here on a Lenovo Yoga 910
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Hello edbott,

I wasn't suggesting that a 3200 x 1800 monitor was uncommon. We live in a video driven world,News, You Tube, Training videos,etc.
3200 x 1800, doesn't fit seamlessly into a video world, it's resolution is to large for a standard HDTV 1920 x 1080. To small for UHD 3840 x 2160. So there's always a resealing issue at hand. To me, the odds that applications will ever be designed to scale natively to a 3200 x 1800 monitor. Extremely low.
Pretty much all Applications and Video will be 4k one day. Where do you think that leaves 3200 x 1800? 

Maybe tech support has a solution for what's ailing SnagIt on your machine?As far as my speed comment? SnagIt also captures video. 4K video is much more demanding and that's really what I was referring to.I should have been more specific.Sorry about that.

I was actually addressing  a basic question about capturing an image on a monitor that's been
 re -scaled.
They still look pretty good on the monitor.Because the monitor has zoom applied. Overall, the actually resolution of the image is dropped significantly and the "computer/monitor" has filled in the missing pixel information. Additionally, the poster wanted to re-scale again before saving it.That would have done even more harm.

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