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I like the convenience of the OneClick window that snaps to the edge of the screen, but it's frustrating that I cannot change the default behavior of the OneClick button. This is especially unfortunate since the default setting includes capturing the cursor, which I almost never want to do. I assumed that de-selecting the "Capture Cursor" in the primary capture window would also apply this setting to OneClick. However, it does not, unless I am missing something.

I would expect the OneClick button to support one or more of the following: 
  • Honor the settings from the primary capture window (Preview, Clipboard, Cursor, Delay), which it currently does not appear to do
  • Allow a configured preset to be assigned to the OneClick button
  • Provide a dedicated settings screen to control OneClick settings
I do understand that we can choose a preset from the list in the OneClick window. However, it seems odd to have a big red button taking up the majority of the available space, but the behavior of that button cannot be configured.

If I am missing a setting somewhere that controls this behavior, I'd be happy to know what that is. 

Please advise whether any of these are being considered for the future. As it stands, OneClick is of limited usefulness. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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When I saw this, I assumed it was in response to the support ticket I opened a few days ago.

Snagit will not open at all since Firefox updated to its newest version. I think it's version 55 or 55.1 & re: Windows, it's possible there was a Win update when I was away from my laptop.

As for One-Click, I had no clue what you even meant by One-Click but finally, remembered. A very long time ago, my red button at top of screen vanished. I followed suggested fixes & eventually I opened a support ticket asking about getting the red button back on my screen but I then was unsuccessful in restoring the red button! You will see that in my history. It was several years ago, not in 2016, I believe.
My stated issue is:

***Snagit does not open on my laptop! ***

The Snagit Editor IS open but I have no captures to deal with since captures cannot be made. When Snagit IS working, it's icon is shown in taskbar & opens upon starting uf the laptop!

Snagit is by far my most often used program & I'm lost without it. Please! respond about my stated issue rather than One-Click, Red Button or any other extraneous topic! I MUST have Snagit open & useful & now that I'm reminded, I want the red button back also.

Because I'm old, just had surgery Dec 1, I don't feel up to having update to Snagit 13 or any other type of Snagit that will markedly alter how the program is used.

Please help me. It appears that this will simply become part of Feedback & won't be received by any support person who has responsibilty for fixing Snagit issues- that is what I need, desperately.

Thank you, Sandra Williamson
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Hi @Randy!
Oh great! I am not the only one experiencing the frustration of OneClick window! I too have problem with customizing OneClick capture button. I would have thought it follows the All-In-One setting of the "main" capture window, but alas, it does not :-(  Ideally, you should be able to map the Capture button in OneClick window to a preset, ideally one of the built in presets of the main Capture window, or one of the custom presets you select.

Any thoughts Techsmith? Or is Randy and I making a complete mistake?

Best Regards,
Jeff Kozloff
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I agree with the comments made here. Having that big red button in one click and not being able to use it because it cannot be customized, is so useless. If I recall correctly, this was the case in ealier versions of Snagit (version 11 or 12). It is common sense that the big one click button should take its settings from the All in One settings or better yet the we should be able to customise it. I too hardly ever want to capture the cursor but the big red button always does. Thumbs down Snagit! Not good!

You should really consider this in new updates. Is there anyone we can reach who will take this issue/feedback to their concerned team?
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Has there seriously been no movement or feedback on this simple request in the last five months?
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Just upgraded because I have used the older version of Snagit for years and thought I'd support the company by upgrading.  The old version worked just fine.  I had the one click also set to do a time delay.  Even though I can add a preset, I don't see the way to default the big red one click button to use that preset anywhere in preferences.  

I regret upgrading now.  It's NOT a one click if you have to click twice.  *smh*  I hope they add this feature back in or at least reply to this post if it's already there.  
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** Support says they are looking to see if other users want this back **

I am chatting with support.  They said it isn't possible in the current version.  It's a feature request.  T_T (crying emoji.)  It used to be possible in the old version.  

Here is the standard reply I think they're copying and pasting to people.  I've been using 11 for years so I was blissfully unaware this feature was REMOVED.  Ugh.  I'm surprised more people didn't speak up when 12 was released.  

Thankfully we're corporately on Win 7 but my home PC is Win 10.  It's not supported but if it works, I'm going back to 11 on that one too.

Good luck guys.  I hope more people find this post and me too it so they add it back in.  What's the point of having a profile if you can't change the OneClick to use it?  I don't want a hotkey.  Windows and my company software use all the Ctrl and Fn combos.  Bleh.  

//begin standard reply
The OneClick feature set has not been customizable since May of 2014 (when Snagit 12 was released). We may change that in the future, however there are no plans to do so at this time. Users looking for fast capture functionality often a capture hotkey as it can call up the capture profile instantly.

You are welcome to install and use Snagit 11 if that is the product that you prefer using (available at: ). Please note that Snagit 11 is no longer a supported application (see: ) and is not compatible with operating systems later than Windows 8 (see: )
//end reply
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That's amazing. Their response to an extremely simple feature request is to state that the feature is "unavailable since May of 2014" and to direct you to regress two major product versions to an unsupported release.
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Yeah... Sigh.. I found one Ctrl shortcut not being used by my company software. I still think not being able to customize the OneClick button to one of the presets you can add yourself is pretty... um... stupid. Many people use the software differently. It makes sense to be able to program 1 clickable button to execute whatever you want repeated instead of having to use a shortcut. Generally I prefer shortcuts to using my mouse. There are times, though, when my hand is already on the mouse, so I want to click the button. Oh well. Good luck with getting this added..
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I can confirm that as of 18.2.1 this is still an issue. Based on the above, I have just taken TechSmith's advice and uninstalled 2018 and have gone back to 12.4.1. Yeah, the OneClick button is still not configurable, but at least it does not capture the cursor, nor does it have an annoying 5 second delay (YMMV). I can live with those defaults. It is a lot snappier than 2018 as well.
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Me too. Back in an earlier version one click would use the last "settings" or preset I used. I would too like to be able to click the big red circle and have it go to the CLIPBOARD as my presets do. I can still keystroke but under window10 i can't use my Windows-S key anymore as a hotkey.  So I had to switch to ctrl-alt-S instead. That remembers my presets fine. but the one-click doesn't which was very confusing when I try to paste ctrl-v my last screenshot.
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I had an older version of Snagit that came bundled with another program.  It worked great!!  I too, thought I'd support the Snagit "People" when I bought a new computer.  I can't tell you how disappointed I am with this new version.  Other than adding a few new arrows, and maybe a few other little ditties..... this new version sucks!  There are about 3 extra "clicks" you have to do just to get the same results as with the older version.  I'm still in my trial period with this new version.... I seriously doubt I am going to purchase it.  The benefits are minimal at best and very cumbersome at worst.  Is there a way I can just purchase an older version?  PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you purchase SnagIt 2018 you can download and install any version of SnagIt you want.

Activating it using your 2018 key. It's 100% legal, no worries.


You can download and install a new or an older version from this link.


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Please fix this!

I am another unhappy user, as I cannot program the OneClick Red Dot to a specific profile.

I find it much quicker to access the OneClick Red Dot for a quick capture as my hand is on the mouse, and it is quicker than reaching across the keyboard with my other hand to hit the print key.

I never want the mouse icon as part of my capture.  Many times, I just want to select an area of the screen and have it accessible in my Paste Buffer.  Why should I have to click on the Copy All in the Editor, just to paste my clip into say, Microsoft Word.

This should be a simple issue to resolve in the next version.

I have been using SnagIt for the past 12 years and I use it every day.  I have purchased v8.2 and upgrades to v9. V10, v11, v12, v13 and v2018.

I will not purchase another upgrade until this is fixed. Tell me this is fixed in v2019 and I will purchase the upgrade right away.