How do I change not just the speed of the video, but also the associated audio track?

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Hi there ...
When i make the video go faster in some parts of the film, i notice that the audio's speed doest change, so in the end of the movie, i have a black screen with only the sound effect ...

So i was wondering how can i make both of the video and the audio track go faster or slower ??
Is it about linking the video track with the audio's one ?? cause i cant do it once i unlinked them !!!

Thank's for your help ...
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Posted 5 years ago

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HELP !!!
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This can get a little tricky. The short answer to your question is that if the audio is linked with the video track, clip speed will be applied to both tracks. This means your audio will be sped up and sound potentially odd, or, you can have Camtasia Studio replace the modified audio with silence.

Since it sounds like your video is already well underway, the easiest thing to do at this point might be to create one or more new Camtasia Studio projects and re-record/edit your clip speed sections. Produce these short clips out and then import them into your "Master" Studio project.

As a rule of thumb, when it comes to clip speed you probably want to plan out your video in great detail first, and then nail down all your video clips. Structure your video and think in terms of clips. For example, perhaps I know I'll have a 3 minute video with two clips I'd like to have sped up. Maybe the 3 minute video is comprised of 5-6 separate clips, only two of which will have clip speed applied. I would probably build those two clips in isolation, and then bring them in once completed.

I would get all the video clips recorded and laid out on the timeline perfectly. Apply your clip speed before you do things like adding callouts, zooms and audio. Next, either use the voice narration tool, or bring in your audio.

In summary, clip speed is best applied when you have something of a stand-alone project. Build your clips and consider how the audio will work in advance and then possibly render out the individual clips and bring them into a master project timeline for more customized and sophisticated effects.

Of course, I am sure there are others with different strategies. I hope more people will share how they use clip speed as well as maybe some examples or pitfalls to look out for.

I should also note that Clip Speed was improved in Camtasia Studio 7.1. This is a free upgrade for version 7 customers. I would highly recommend getting 7.1 if you haven't already. In Camtasia Studio, click Help > Check for updates.

Mike Curtis
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Hi JooS
If you have time, I would be interested to find out from you WHY you would want to speed up or slow down the audio?

I am interested if you are doing this with music to get a certain effect? Or, are you actually speeding up / slowing down your voice? If so, doesn't this result in a slo-mo or chipmunk effect?

Thanks for any information you would share with us about your workflow and process for using this feature with audio.

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Hi guys, first of all, thanks for your answers ...

actually, i try to make a tutorial video ... so its not just about the audio, i have one video and 2 audio tracks, the video track record my screen, the first audio track contain the system audio, and the other one contain my voice ...
so i want to speed up some parts of the video(all tracks), cause if i dont, the video will be too long to upload it on Youtube ...

So for example, when i'm gonna write 10 lines of code(which are not important), i speed up that part cause its boring to watch someone writing 10 lines of code ...

When i start the project and load the video(all tracks), i have the 3 tracks, but only the voice track is linked to the video's one ...
So how can i link the system audio track to the others, and if i ever unlink the voice track, why couldn't i re-link it a second time !!!?

Thank's for your help !!!

PS : @Mike Curtis I'll see later with your method, but it looks unpractical and too long !!! but thanks anyways ...
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Camtasia has the right idea with the newest tweak to clip speed, but it does not work properly yet.
It will be great when we can actually isolate a section of video and change the clip speed for just that section.

I just did an extensive test and it all looked great until I output the video. Everything was out of sync. The audio carried on for an extra half minute with a black screen.
It seems to be close, but apparently camtasia released it without it working yet.
looking forward to the next release
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Ok, so even if they're linked, it doest work ?!!!
well, so i have to find another way to do it !!!

thanks ...
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I should clarify:
clip speed in 7.1 seemed to speed up just the selected section in video ok
I had no voice over audio in that section
I later added a music track over the entire project
The audio and video tracks were synchronized in the project, but when I produced the project, the audio and video were out of sync.

As others have stated, increasing clip speed in areas of the video that need to be shown, but don't require explanation or are boring, adds to the quality of the video considerably.

I tried Mike's solution, this is an acceptable work around, however, it is time consuming. (I produced as an AVI to retain quality)

It would be fantastic if we could change clip speed "on the fly" for a section of video and retain A/V synchronization

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