Checkerboard Erase Background?

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Why did you put a checkerboard on the eraser? Now when I Snag a screen and need to erase what is in a field I am stuck with a checkerboard effect on my screen. Who thought that that was a good idea. What I really need is some way to mix colors so I can be the same color as the area around where I am working. Please Six the checkerboard or give me options on what I want as an erasure background.
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Posted 9 years ago

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The eraser tool is ‘removing’ the image itself and showing you the canvas below. By default, the canvas defaults to a transparent color. You can choose a different default by modifying the capture profile under Profile Settings > Input > Properties > General tab:

This can be useful if you will be working with the same color consistently from one image capture to the next.

However, if you just need to change it sometimes, or to a wider variety of colors that depends on your capture, you will want to use the editor option to change canvas color. This is found under Image tab > Canvas Color:

There you can choose from the preset pallet, customize your own color or use the selection tool/eyedropper to choose a color of your preference off of the image you are editing.

One last option or workaround would be to use the shape tool found on the

Draw tab:

You can modify it to have no outline or shadow to the right after choosing an initial shape:

and you can use the fill option just like the canvas color for determining your color of choice:

I hope this is of help to you!
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Thank you
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Can you change the canvas default background color?.

Every time I delete or remove a section of an image, a checkerboard is displayed in the space.  I would like the default to be white.  Is there some way I can change the default background color to white?  Currently, I am changing it every time for every image, which is time consuming.

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Cheryl, see if this little video I created will help.

Cheers... Rick :)

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Thanks Rick.  Your video was a big help.  I setup a new profile with a white canvas background.  Will probably do the same for a scrolling window.


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When you see the checkerboard, you are actually seeing no background in your SnagIt project. The checkerboard is the canvas upon which you are working. You can change the canvas color by making sure you are on the “Image” tab and then clicking “Canvas Color” to select a canvas color for the SnagIt project you are editing. Here’s a screencap to help you out:

Here’s a little more info about the checkerboard/canvas in case it’s of interest to you. :)
Here is an image I have been editing in SnagIt that has visible canvas.

When you save an image from SnagIt as a JPG, the areas where the canvas is visible to you will turn white. Below I have inserted the image shown in the screen capture above. As you can see, there is no canvas visible. Where the canvas was visible, the background is white when you save as a JPG.

I hope this helps!


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