Choppy video in Preview Pane after Upgrade.

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Why do I have choppy video after upgrading to Camtasia Studio 8? I produced several videos with no problem as recently as last Monday. I upgraded to Camtasia studio 8 and now my preview pane is way too choppy in Camtasia 7 and Camtasia 8.

I am running Windows 7 and did not have any problems with the same computer prior to the upgrade.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hi Christopher!

Hmm, I'm not sure what would be causing that to occur, right off the bat; it's likely you'll need to get in touch with our tech support team ( so they can dig into this a bit deeper.

What kind of system are you running (processor speed, memory, video card, etc)? Additionally, what kind of video are you trying to play back in the preview window (what is the content of the video, what resolution is the video, is it a screen recording or from a camera, etc)? Those are all factors that could influence how your video plays. Camtasia Studio has made some tweaks to how video plays in the preview window, to more fully take advantage of newer hardware features, but it shouldn't play content that worked well in Camtasia Studio 7 at a lower framerate.

Let's figure out what's going on!


Kelly Rush
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I am having the same issue.

The video is incredibly choppy when I am Recording and in the preview pane. However, when I actually save it as a file, the choppiness goes away... I am stumped on this one.

I am running XP, but my system has more than enough memory and processing power to handle it. I have even shut down all of my other programs and it is still choppy during recording and preview. I lowered the frame rate and that didn't help.

Any advice?
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Yes yes I have the same problem.

My systems is Pentium Dual Core T3400 2.16Ghz. 3GB RAM. 250GB HD. Is that enough?

When I look at the system requirements in the techsmith web site I meet all requirements except they say you need Mcrosoft DirectX 9 or later version.

Anyone know what Directx 9 is?
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I'm having the same issue and TechSmith's customer service / tech
support is completely unhelpful. I'm amazed that they're ignoring this
because it's such a well-documented issue.Has anyone gotten any help
from TechSmith with this issue?
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While editing, the preview video is choppy & lags behind audio. Doesn't matter what type of video file I use. The produced video is fine - it's just during preview that it's a problem. I have not increased the resolution of the project. I'm running Camtasia 8 on a Win7 PC, a setup which seems to often result in this stuttery video problem, if I believe the results of my web searches... I've followed tips for fiddling w/ regedit settings, updating drivers of all kinds... etc

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I know this isn't a silver bullet (and hardly convenient) but in my last session my preview content was stuttering like Max Headroom. I did a complete reboot and the replay was completely smooth. I'm going to be interested to see what it will be like when I next resume a session after hibernating / sleeping, because I'm wondering whether that has anything to do with it. In any case for anyone else stumbling across this thread after having the problem, it would be interesting to know whether a reboot sorted it out for you as well.

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