Circles and the old version, let's capture CIRCLES or OVALS

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IS IT ROUND?  Circles and the old version, let's capture CIRCLES or OVALS
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Posted 1 year ago

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YES!! And be able to use edge effects, esp fade edge vignetting.
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Yes, please!  I really need to be able either capture circles/ovals or crop to a shape, especially circles/ovals. Don't make me go elsewhere. This is getting to be a bigger and bigger deal!
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If you make a circular or oval selection in the editor. Then, Right Click and Invert the selection.

Hit delete and you have made a circular crop.
You'll probably want to drag the outside edges in before saving. To make the image as small as possible.


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Ya beat me to it Joe.
 I hit post and see you posted as I was constructing my post.

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Though you can't capture with a shape you can crop to a shape in the editor.

You should make your capture a little larger than what you what your final image to be so you have some 'working" room.

With your image in the editor go to the "selection" tool.

Here I'll use the oval selection and make my selection but you can use any of the selection tools. If you want a perfect circle hold the "shift" key as you make your selection.

To adjust your selection hover your mouse over one of the black square handle till you get a double headed arrow. Click and drag to make the adjustment.

Note: Do not click and drag if you have a four headed arrow. You will move the selection and have to undo and start over.

When your selection is how you want it go to the "Edit" menu or right-click and chose "Invert Image"
You can also just use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Ctrl+I

 You should now have the marching ants around your selection and the edges of your image.
Hit delete.

You should be left with your selection.

Now go to the "Image" menu and chose "Trim"  That will remove any extra space around your selection image.

If your Canvas color wasn't already transparent, right-click on the canvas and change it to the transparent color.

You should now have your shape cropped image to use as you wish.

As a side note to Tony van Kessel post from a while back.

Adding a fade edge vignetting effect to a shape image is less than desirable as Snagit
adds the effect as a square effect and the end result is not good.