Collaborating on a project between Mac and PC users

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I have a PC, my remote coworker has a Mac. We have both upgraded to Camtasia 2019. We want to be able to collaborate on a Camtasia project that we save in our Google Drive. But can't figure out how. If I save the project file to Drive, it's very small and seems to lack the raw video files. He has the option to "save as a standalone project" on his Mac, but I can't find that on PC. What's our best course of action? 
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Posted 11 months ago

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So, I can tell you what the typical workflow is.

If you are editing a project and completed your work. Then, you would export the project as a zipped project. A zipped project contains all the media affiliated with the project.

Then, you would make that zipped project available to your partner or collaborator. Then, they would import the zipped project and work on it from there. Once that person is done with it, they would have to re-zip the project and share the NEW zipped project with you.

There is no way to edit a project simultaneously. So basically, you have to take turns editing the project.

Theoretically, if you were both working on identical projects using the same operating system. And had all the media files stored in the exact same location on both computers. So Camtasia could easily access all of these files. You might be able to share the project file only. However, with different timestamps on the media. That may be enough to break project? Odds are, this is no more than theoretic nonsense on my part. I’m only posting it as a reference to the hurdles imposed when sharing projects.

zipping projects ensures everything is in the same location, and the sharing process is all taken care of by Camtasia itself.

Being that your partner is on a Mac and you are on a PC. The project files will never match, making the theoretical sharing process impossible.

For your sake I would like to be wrong, and someone else has come up with a system to get around the cumbersome process of sharing large zipped projects over and over again.

Regards, Joe

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EDIT - Joe got here first : )

Hi Michael, 

Per this article, , it looks like TSCPROJ-Windows and CAMPROJ-Mac from V9 on up are cross-platform compatible. 

Camtasia for Mac and Windows should have the ability to export and import zipped project files that include the multimedia (raw video files on your computer). 

So you take the first pass on the project -- you export it as a zipped file - v1. 

your partner picks it up and starts working on it. They export it as a zipped file v2 (or whatever that naming convention looks like). 

If there's a more intuitive way, I'm sure our more seasoned posters will correct me, but that's one way. 

You could also try a workflow in which:
- You have a place for the local media that syncs with google drive (so you both can access it)
- each time you guys make a change, you upload the project file.
- you download the project file and open in Camtasia and it may prompt you to find the media.

Unless I've missed the mark, I think those are the two workflows for remote partnership on a Camtasia project. 

One thing...Camtasia will advise you to make sure you edit and work on your project file on your local drive. I'd follow that advice. Trying to work with media stored on a remote/network drive doesn't sound like a recipe for success.