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I get videos from people in my company which I then have to put into ONE video via Camtasia. The problem is that sometimes these videos are recorded on different sources. We have people in the field that record how to videos with their iPhones or iPads. We have people sitting at their desks recording on their monitors. 

So these videos are different sizes. I know if Camtsia, my canvas will be sized to the first video I add. But, is there a way to add these different videos and not have the black space? 

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. 
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Yes, you can select the video clip on your timeline and then change the scale in properties. You may have to zoom in and out to get it to fit the full canvas. You can also use the tools in the canvas area to either move the position of the clip or crop the clip so it only shows the portion you want. 

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It might be that you need to process each source video into a common dimension and output format in separate Camtasia projects and then combine them in a master Camtasia project
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One other suggestion... change your upfront procedures so you don't have to do as much during post production. I do this at my job by making sure everyone at my org who I allow to do video (I don't trust a lot of people to do this haha) is filming or recording at 1080p. I don't need a 4k video of their face at a webinar or some tiny 4:3 screen recording, ya know haha. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches if everyone is following a uniform set of rules! :)
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I recall from my days in support and creating things like this that it's not unlike herding cats.

Good luck with trying to coax folks into creating things that help you. Personally, I always found it simpler to just accept what was given to me and deal with it on my own end to make it work properly. 

My own experience suggests that once you start attempting to enforce settings, folks begin to tune out and may become reluctant to participate.

Only after they see a polished final result and happen to notice that it looks different than what they did (assuming they notice at all) do you have an opportunity to actually get them to listen to suggestions.

But that's just my own view from my own tiny rowboat in this vast ocean of things. ;)

Cheers... Rick :)
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Hahaha oh man that's the truth.  Every time one of my colleagues submits a 4:3 or "custom" resolution screen recording, a little part of my soul dies. I then send them my soap box lecture email about how to do screen recordings correctly.
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But, is there a way to add these different videos and not have the black space?

No. Not really. Unless overall quality doesn't matter.

Bottom line, you can fit a red round peg in a square hole.
However, when the square is black. Theres going to be black areas surrounding it.

Same thing to videos with different aspect ratio videos.

You can render the finial video to the  dimension of your choosing.
However, you cannot change that dimension mid-render. Or at any other point for that matter.The video will always be the same size and aspect ratio size.

So............ if you placed a 16 x 9 video in a video recorded at 16 x 10.
You could scale it down to make it fit, leaving you with a black border at the top and bottom.

The pattern you see around the 16 x 9 red rectangle. Represents part of the 1920 x 1080 video/media.


Or you can scale it up to make it fit.
Then the sides are cropped off.
Since the video has been scaled up.Depending upon how much, some blurring may be introduced.

The only other option would be to distort the videos to fit, which could look pretty horrendous.
Text becomes difficult to read, theres must me countless reasons I could site.

Black borders are not appealing.Nor are hacked up and rescaled videos.

Its a classic catch 22 situation. Where you pick your poison.


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I agree that black borders around a video can be a distraction

for situations where borders are unavoidable, my solution is to use a more pleasing color for the canvas background

with the appropriate choice of color, many viewers will likely not notice [nor pay attention to] the "framing"

just something to consider ...