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When I create a screenshot and add it to MS Word, the image appears blurry. I've looked at changing the resolution and reviewed other conversations where this has been an issue but nothing I can see specifically addresses MS Word. If the image is not at 100% it's blurry.

I am using 13.1.2
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Posted 3 years ago

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Even though the video I'm inserting below relates to Camtasia, the same concepts apply to SnagIt.
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Better replies are coming, but a work around would to resize the image in Snagit or an outside program to something near what you will need in Word. When you resize with graphics handles, it just shrinks it to a viewing area  and yes it looks a bit blurry. Same if you expand to fit in a space

So use the rulers in Word to figure ABOUT the size you will need . Make a copy of your file in snagit editor bu either right click on the thumbnail and choosing DUPLICATE or just save it As something such as a png. They go to word and EYEBALL the space . 2 X 3 inches? Jump into the snagit editor and resize the image to that (choose inches from the dropdown). Then save it. Then get it into word and use the handles to tweak it exactly the way you want it

I work with a lot of graphics but not with Word so much so if this doesn't do it then you might open a ticket or wait here for a more informed answer. One way or another, please post back the results for the next person :)
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This thread is amusing. Not that I'm laughing about the issue, but I can recall many many years ago when I was fairly new to the world of Technical Communication and things sort of "web related" that there were many posts that were claiming folks were having a dickens of a time scaling images with tools such as SnagIt and others and the general recommendation we would see was to insert the image in Word, scale it there, then screen capture the image presented in the Word editor because Word did a much better job of maintaining clarity when you scaled an image smaller.
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Hi Tamara,

Usually Word does a really good job of handing images so they aren't blurry. However, you have a pretty long image and I wonder if your page margins are causing it to become squished to fit the page?
You can try decreasing your margins so the image has more room to fit. Try 0.5" on the sides.

Or, you can reduce the size of your image.
If I were you, I would use the Cut Out vertical tool to remove some of the excess white space you have in your image. Sort of like this:

Then re-paste it and see if it is still blurry.

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