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On save of a capture Snagit offers a default file name; for example, 2016-10-11_11-57-17.png. In my case, this is useless. I never use dates in the format 2016-10-11 - one can never be sure whether the 10 is October or whether the 11 is November. I guess 11-57-17 is the time. That's OK; however, I never use it.

I would like to be able to configure the file name that snagit offers. No I do not want to configure a profile that outputs a capture directly to a file.
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Actually, the date format where the year is the first part, is always followed by the month and then the day. It is never year-day-month.
If it would have been 10-11-2016, then you're absolutely right that is would be very confusing.
However with year-month-day, it's always clear and another advantage is that is sorts well in your Windows Explorer or Finder on Mac.

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The date time format really is most logical default format but one does have to get used to YMD.  Yes, if you want a different default file name convention then you do have to edit a profile but the capture doesn't necessarily have to go directly to file.  The profile can go to the editor first, for example, and when the profile is finished the file can be saved to where you want it.

The default file saving format is a very practical approach.  Although for the format to be more descriptive you will have to create a profile to suit your needs.  That's the method TS provides so that you can have it your way while maintaining control for the rest who don't want a modified format.  It's a balance.
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I do not think it would be that difficult for them to add an option
to have a choice of the date format such as   10-11-2016-11-57-17.png  or  Nov-11-2016-11-57-17.png
so the user can decide what works best for them.

I do agree that the format with year first sorts better if you do not rename your files with a more descriptive name but that does take time.
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