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I build a lot of instructional videos by adding assets to a timeline (often PowerPoint slides saved as images but other assets as well) and then add my voice narration one slide at a time*. I also do my post production one slide at a time which includes adding annotations and effects. When finished with Slide X I add the image for Slide X+1 and repeat.

My problem is that the voice narration track goes way up to the highest track I have ever used for an annotation previously in the video. Sometimes I stack a bunch of annotations to create little animated segments so the narration is up in the Track 8, 9, or higher level. I'd really like to keep my narrations down to a consistent track (Track 2). Yes, I can grab them and drag them into place but would really like them to just line up in the same place each time.

Using 9.1 currently.


* I like one narration file per slide image as it makes it much easier to redo a video without redoing the whole thing.
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Posted 2 years ago

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When you get done stacking annotations. If you select all of them, right click and select "Group". They will only occupy one track. Including the Slide In Question.
Then the narration will be placed one track above.

If you need to alter a annotation.Right click and select "Open Group" Don't select Un-Group. Then make any change necessary. Click anywhere in the timeline and the group will close itself.
 If you accidentally ungroup, you can regroup.But applied animations can be lost.

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Thanks, Joe. But it turns out that grouping the annotations doesn't seem to affect where the narration track ends up. I can create Slide 1, add its narration (Track 2), and then add four stacked annotations using tracks 4 - 6. If I group them they flatten visually but the next narration still goes way up in Track 6.
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you need to group the stack with whatever is on track 1; then track 2 will become your narration track; be sure and remove any empty tracks
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This is still a major problem for me.  Yes, grouping is a workaround but if you ungroup a complex set of animations, up go the narrations you just made.  I highly recommend being able to choose the track on which the narration will appear.
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When enough space exists on Track 1 at the cursor location, the Voice Narration appears there. So Command-A on the timeline to select everything, and move everything up a track. Then record away on the newly-empty Track 1. I just tried it in Camtasia 2019, it works. (Note: I just noticed this is a Windows thread. I tested this on Mac).

As a side note, I also prefer audio on Tracks 1 & 2. But I record elsewhere (audacity, audition) for more recording control and audio editing features.