Convert Camtasia Mp4 file back to Camproj to edit.

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I produce a video as MP4 file. I need to make changes and I don't see the Camproj file where I can edit. I only see the produce file. How do I get the produced (mp4) to appear as Camproj so I can edit. All my work  (callout captions )show on the produced file (mp4). I need to convert the mp4 back into a format where I can make changes then produce again. Please advise. Thanks Dee.  (Version 6)
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Posted 3 months ago

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:( unfortunately, when the .mp4 file is created, the .camproj details are not kept  in the .mp4 file. You will have to find the original project file on your PC.
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You would need the actual .camproj file.
Older versions of Camtasia typically save .camproj files to a "Camtasia Studio" folder in your Documents.
Along with the original media.

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"Along with the original media"?  Nay, not so.  Source video, source audio, etc. can reside wherever they lived before.  I do it all the time.  The camproj file is 100kb, the source files are wherever I saved them.
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Thats true, but its the default location.
So if the user changed the location.They are probably aware of this as well.
One could type all day covering all the bases {:>)
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Although you can’t get the camproj file back, you could create a new project and add the mp4 file as media to edit it further, but of course you won’t be able to play with transitions or annotations - it depends upon what you need to edit
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Thanks Phil,
I will give this a try.
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If you're in a windows environment, using the latest version of Camtasia you can search your hard drive using the string   " *.tscproj " If you did not save your project after producing it, (closed without saving) your work may is gone. You could also go to the File menu, choose "Recent Projects..." and your original file (assuming you saved it) will appear there assuming you opened it recently.. 
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Is it possible that you never actually saved the project, after outputting to the MP4 file?
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If you did not SAVE your project as a camproj at some point it will not be found. It doesn't exist.

What you may be able to possibly do and it is not the best solution you probably want to here is if you still have the .trec file or in earlier versions would have been called a .camrec file you could remake your project.

At least that would give you your original recording to start with.

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OK thanks Dubie. What I think happen is I was having some save issues and I thought it saved it on the company drive site but when I go to look for it there its not there. I did a search for .trec and didn't find any files so it appears I have to start over. Thanks so much for the help.

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Well, here is what I do, when that happens. to me (forgive my english,  I'm from Brazil, greetings, lol):
Usually,  I splti audio from video first, and then,  I do a lot of splits,  I cut old marks, old images, and make even music changes.   I guess effects,  transitions cannot be undone,  unless you cut them off,  splitting before and after.  Just lock the sound of your voice,  but put some image in the place of your own image, so you do not lose the sincronicity.   I guess I could help somehow.  As I changed the intro of my videos and also the name of the channel I did a lot of "remakes" with those tools I said here.
Best wishes, and please, take care of yourself and of your family,  Stay at home.
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When I think I am finished with a project or even finished for the day I periodically  "Export" the project before I go on to another project. Make sure you click to Export ALL the files.  That way you always have a Complete copy of everything used in the project. If you do not have enough space on your hard-drive I suggest using an external HD. They are very inexpensive compared to what they were even a year ago. It is very easy to have your work automatically saved to an external HD as you work. If your computer has any issues then you will at least have a copy of  the previous version of a project .

I realize this can add up quickly so you can periodically delete exports as needed or get another HD.

I AM Hoping you will find this project. Good Luck.