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(This idea comes what what we’ve heard here in this community as well as from other customer feedback methods we utilize. The feedback we gather here will help us gauge how well it fits our users’ needs. Please let us know what you think)

The Problem:

Making a image from a frame is hard to find and not intuitive.  Having a frame would make it easier to extend the duration of my video clip or reuse in a different portion of my project

Potential Solution:

Add a right-click option (or hotkey) to save the frame which will put the frame in the media bin and on the track above for easy manipulation.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Yes! I often want to copy a frame and it's a hassle. It'd be nice to basically do a screenshot and save it straight into the bin.
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When I make a minor mistake in recording my screencast, simply extending a frame for a quarter second or so eliminates the visual mistake. However, I can't overlay a screenshot without going through multiple steps. This would be awesome! 
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Yes, that would be terrific! To "cover up" mistakes, I often have to determine size, attempt a screenshot at a similar size, create a picture, import it to the media and then try to line everything up so that it's not visible to someone watching it. Time consuming! This would be terrific if possible.
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This would be amazing! I always have to find the right frame, split at playhead, split the clip again close to the frame I want, and then extend the clip to wherever I need. Most video editing programs have a simple way to do this. 
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I guess I don't get this. I just use Export Frame and add that to the media bin. Can't be more than 6 clicks or so. But if the suggestion is to make that less clicks by perhaps just right clicking on timeline to add that frame to the timeline (or bin), I'm all for that! 
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I do this a lot, and cutting down the clicks would be a big help!  Having to export the frame, etc., kills my train of thought!
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Official Response

We see this idea having some overlap with the Ability to extend frame by dragging idea in that it’s a way to allow for extending a visual to match audio length. Due to the higher priority items we’ll be addressing ahead of this idea, we are keeping this idea under consideration for future development. We’ll keep you posted it’s status if that changes.

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Official Response
Hello all;

Please note that the Status for this Feature Request has changed from "Under Consideration" to "Not Planned" (see here for details on Statuses). If you have any questions regarding this change please reply to this thread and I will reach out to the Product team for more information.

Note too that in situations the Status change may mean that the feature requires more research, has been pushed up in priority, or that it has been reduced in priority for other features or fixes.

Please continue to follow the thread as the status may change again.


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Official Response
Good news, we are working on this feature as we speak.BrooksCamtasia Technical Product ManagerMobile Technical Product ManagerTechSmith