copy paste does not work properly in snagit 2018

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2018 costs me more time to do basic changes, ctrl-c ctrl-v selections does not work the same as te snagit version 12. i will stop trying 2018 version till the useabilaty is improved
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi there

Perhaps you would consider sharing what you mean by the copy and paste not working as expected?

I think it's only fair to the development team to advised what wasn't working when you tried this. Especially seeing as how you want them to improve upon it.

Cheers... Rick :)
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I'm not sure if above is what he is talking about, but I do a Screen Grab on my mac and it won't copy to the clipboard -- I seem to recall an option to do that, so I can Screen Grab > Copy. Did that go away?
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My Copy All function doesn't include anything I add to the capture.  Such as a red arrow.  Is this something that is a known issue?  Seems like a pretty important bug. Unless it's me.
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I have the same issue, when I edit an picture and say copy and want to passed it does not work.
It works only when I make a new screenshot and passed it directly.
But not copy paste after I edit someting
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All versions do this, I have daily problems.  it sucks for such a great tool.  

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I use SnagIt on Windows. I was very frustrated with this same issue. I use copy and paste a lot when pasting images from SnagIt into other applications and sometimes it would not. It would work depending on the application I was pasting into. For example, it works when pasting into an Outlook message, but does not work when pasting into some web based applications that support pasting screen captures. 

I was able to resolve this with a very complex solution, but I think it's good to share for anyone who is able to implement it. This solution essentially takes what SnagIt puts into the clipboard when you copy from the preview and converts it to a different image format that works better with other tools. 

You'll need to install Python3 and then run the following command to install Pillow, a required library for this to work. 

pip install pillow 

Then save the following code to a file somewhere on your computer:

from io import BytesIO
import win32clipboard
from PIL import Image
def send_to_clipboard(clip_type, data):
win32clipboard.SetClipboardData(clip_type, data)
output = BytesIO()
img.convert("RGB").save(output, "BMP")
data = output.getvalue()[14:]
send_to_clipboard(win32clipboard.CF_DIB, data)

from PIL import ImageGrab

img = ImageGrab.grabclipboard()



The next step is to enable the above script to run on your computer everytime an something is copied to your clipboard when SnagIt is opened. For this, I used a programmed called, AutoHotKey, which is used to write or override keyboard shortcuts on your computer. When you install AutoHotKey, you need to edit the script file and put the following code in #IfWinActive, Snagit Editor


#IfWinActive, Snagit Editor


        Send {LCtrl Down}c{LCtrl Up}

        Run %ComSpec% /c "python <path to your python script>"



This will take the image from the clipboard and override it with something that will actually paste almost everywhere.

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Wow.  I solved it by reverting back to the previous version.  Nicely done though.  Incredible

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Did you use the Copy All button, top right?
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i have the same problem - but for paste into web-applications only (e.g. atlassian confluence) . earlier versions this did work. My workaround: copy / paste to excel or word, then copy paste again to the web applications ... 

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Out of curiosity, have you tried using the click and drag from the recents tray at the bottom of SnagIt to something like atlassian confluence? If not, it may be worth a shot and it could possibly save you that intermediate step of the side trip into excel or word.
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Having same problem: We use Atlassian Jira and Confluence at work. I create alot of tutorial pages that i need to use screen-shots with. If i do a capture straight to the clipboard it will paste, as expected, in my confluence page. However, if i do a capture to SnagiT editor, make modification, then 'Copy All' and try to paste into the same Confluence page - it does not paste. I'm guessing there's an image format incompatibility. 
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SnagIt can't copy changes made to an image to the clipboard.Unless you have saved the changes.
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Really? I do it all the time.

I snag or copy an image, modify it by adding a highlight and possibly a callout, click the copy all and paste the image right into a word document or upload to the facebook or Pinterest without ever stopping to save the image in SnagIt. All the modifications I made in SnagIt are intact and show up.

Perhaps you mean something different by saving the changes?
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SOLVED: had to remove the registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TechSmith\SnagIt) and restart snagit - after that it worked fine.
Thanks to TechSmith Support.

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Rick Stone

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Thanks so much for updating the thread to include the solution! That will help others down the road.

Much appreciated!
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Thank you Thank you.  This worked for me too