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Many times I've corrupted my projects, because I deleted files in my download folder or in my Audio-Recording folder. If I drag a file from a different location than the project folder there has to be a question dialog like:
Would you like to copy this file to your project folder? {with the options}
Yes (make a copy)
Yes (move the file to my project folder)
No (Keep a link)
Linked files in the track should have a small linked icon like a link in windows.
a Button for Copy all linked files to your project folder, would also helpful for older projects.
Same behavior with the import media button,please!
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Posted 4 months ago

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perhaps consider this suggested best practice ...

at the day's end of a project's  editing session, export the project as a zip [on file menu], start the next editing session for that project by importing that zip [on file menu]

that will always keep all project files in the same folder
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This is - of course a working - workaround.
But why use a workaround if the software could provide a better handling of the source resources.
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Because a workaround allows you to continue working as you wait for whatever the issue with the application is to be actually addressed?

Seems to this old dog that this is one of the primary purposes and benefits of a forum such as this. Users end up hitting some wall. The post about it and someone else offers a workaround to get past the wall and help you continue being productive as we all cross our collective fingers and hope the developers actually hear our cries and address the issues in the product. ;)
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If you search this forum you will find many request about this topic. Do the export and import again will work, but I've paid for this software and I will buy the next update, too
As a customer, I can definitely expect that the manufacturer at least think about my feature request. If it get's implemented is an other story...
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Is there a way to combine the same idea and add all the votes together? I have already shot myself in the foot on multiple occasions due to the issue. 
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You have no control on your end.
TechSmith merges topics frequently.Problem is, responses by others get buried in the process.
Merged topics can muddy the original request as well.
My favorite response to the phenomena dates back a few years.It goes as follows.


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OMG! I have just come back in again after time away to read the forums and see this is STILL going on?  AND my two previous posts on this issue have been merged into a new topic AGAIN! Speechless!
I have been using Camtasia 8 since this UI issue began and it looks like I will be doing so for quite a while yet. 

TechSmith has deleted older posts in an effort to thwart SPAM posters. Who seem to like posting to older threads with little to no traffic. So, some responses  can vanish forever.

Merging has Pro's and Con's.

Thats merging in a nut shell.
For what its worth........................Regards,Joe