Copy/pasting clips adds them to a new track - how can I disable this behaviour?

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I want some graphical element to blink. So I've created an overlay image which I want to frequently apply to the same video track of the timelime.

When I copy/paste the clip to a Camtasia Studio project on my main (desktop) machine, Camtasia Studio will always create a new, empty track to paste the video clip to, even if I have just copied the clip from some (other) video track on the timeline. (If the uppermost track is empty, Camtasia Studio will use that one for pasting.)

On my second machine (my notebook), Camtasia Studio will use the same track for pasting which I've been copying the clip from - which is the expected behaviour.

What's causing the difference?

Which option do I need to set in Camtasia Studio to use the original source track for pasting if the track is empty at the inserting position?

Any help is appreciated.

PS: I'm using the English Camtasia Studio edition on my desktop whereas I'm using the German edition on my notebook. But this shouldn't make a difference, though.
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Posted 7 years ago

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... is any TechSmith employee here?
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Hi Axel,

Camtasia Studio pastes your copied media relative to the playhead. The intention with most of the logic is to place your media so it immediately shows up on the Canvas so you can see the change and edit it there. Thus, we find the find the first track your media will fit without being covered up.

This image (I believe) shows most of the scenarios (the dashed box represents where the pasted media should end up):

I think you're probably running into the 5th case, where something is on a track above that might cover your new pasted media.

This might not be the best situation (obviously it's causing you frustration and we apologize) but we appreciate your feedback and hopefully this helps explain what might be going on. Definitely something we can look at to improve!

Thanks for helping make Camtasia Studio even better!
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I have 500 empty tracks and new content is track 550
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Actually, I have Camtasia 8.5 and when you paste a clip, it will always be pasted on the first track that is not covered if there is no locked track above it and if there no other track above it that covers that time. If highest track is locked, the clip will be pasted on a new track every time. If there is room on the lowest track, that's where is should pasted no matter what happens on the track above. This behavior is definitely annoying.

Also, may I suggest a feature "lock all tracks" or "lock all other tracks". That way if a single track is to be modified (cutting a portion of it for example), we can be sure that no other track is modified at the same time.

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