Copy URL feature in Snagit (Mac & PC)

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Snagit for (Mac and PC) BOTH need a function so once you upload a video or image to screencast, the URL is saved and can be recovered WITHOUT having to get the URL from The url should be saved in the software. It's too easy to lose that url from the clipboard.
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  • sad it's not already a feature

Posted 8 years ago

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How great it would be to get the entire URL of where the image is stored to when uploading with FTP!! Right now all it saves is the file name instead of the entire URL. An automatic copying of the entire URL would be so helpful for speed that's so necessary in graphic design work and website creation. This seems like a no brainer request and so surprised it's not already there like in Skitch.
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Andrew Sliwkowski

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Great Idea!, a shortcut key to copy full path url to clipboard would be welcome addition as well.
[Baseline] Today you can right mouse click in the snagit editor and get the path to directory where the image lives....when you have hundreds of snagits because of using auto-num feature it really stymies the work-flow.  Having to back up and then copy the image name (right underneath) would be alot easier if you could copy and paste once
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
faster way to get URL of upload.

faster and better way to get URL of upload:
Let me explain and make a suggestion:

1. While waiting for a video to upload, I start doing other
things, and without noticing, the video URL gets copied to my clipboard and I
unknowingly copy something else to the clipboard and no longer have the video
URL at my fingertips.

2. Logging into screencast seems like a lot of extra steps

Suggestion is to have the url of the uploaded item get stored
here (see graphic)

as indicated with the icons of the uploaded items
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Sarah Compagnoni

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Great ideas! I'll pass this along to the development teams and hopefully we will be able to create a better solution for you in the future!
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I recently sent a similar question to techsmith support, and they suggested that I post to this forum to help indicate how popular the feature would be.  It's just like Bob Richards said ... I usually work on something else while my video is uploaded and often paste something else to the clipboard before saving the link.  Accessing my screencast account to get the link is a hassle.  It would really be nice to be able to access the link directly from snagit!
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Official Response

Hi!  I just wanted to stop in to let you know that we have just released a new version of Snagit that has a "Share History" feature allowing you to easily access links to previously shared content. Thanks for the great suggestion! We hope you enjoy this new version.

Read more about what’s new in this version.

Try out the new version of Snagit for 15 days – download it here.

If you own a license to any earlier version of Snagit on Windows or Mac, you can upgrade to the latest and greatest for only $24.95 USD – see upgrade details here.

Thanks again and be sure to reach out to our Technical Support team if you run into any more issues!