Crazy Idea - Recording Box with Script

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So here is my crazy idea. How about a "Recorder Box" let me explain what I mean by that.

1. If activated there is floating Controller on top of the screen. This controller can be resized. The Box will NOT appear on the final recording at all. Or will be an element one can delete from the timeline once you are editing your recording.

2. The Controller contains the script for your project, so you have it on screen while recording. With a Shortcut you can make the Controller appear/disappear from the screen (if you require more space on your screen for the recording)

3. The Controller can be also placed on a 2nd Monitor since its a floating "Window"

4. Script Support - there would also be an option to slowly scroll the script inside the controller, because most likely the entire script will not fit in one controller view.

What do you think?
Good idea, stupid idea, better ideas?

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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi.   I Like the concept of having a script which would scroll slowly as the vid progresses - but which could also be linked to the play head too?   This could also be useful to have it INCLUDED (end-user optional) with the video rather like subtitles for the deaf ?   
cheers,   Stuart (somewhere in the UK)
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The positioning would need to be positioned correctly if the speaker is being recorded.  Shifting eyes looks funny.

If not being recorded I use Word, Notepad, Excel, etc. to contain the script.  However, your idea and stuart's addendum seem to be an interesting idea.

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I agree and had a similar idea - feel that "Detach canvas" functionality for the Narration text field - which could then be expanded/ free floating just like the main canvas etc would be great!
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I like the idea, but it would be a pretty big feature requiring a lot of development time, if indeed it's possible to implement at all. Certainly it would be a pretty major piece of work to get it to sync with what you're saying.
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yup i do this in In Design, powerpoint all the time  .. great place to make not and instructions
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I just came in here to suggest the same or similar idea... it would be great even to just have a scroll window at the top or bottom of the detached canvas that would allow you to enter a script (is importing from word dreaming too big?) so that you can follow the recording and see the script in a single window... I find it difficult to gauge text versus time and end up snipping or inserting a lot