Create a bug-free, robust build of Camtasia

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I've been using Camtasia for about a year, and in that time I've encountered more bugs and glitches than I have in all the other software I've used during that time put together. I see from this forum that several of the problems I've had go back a long time -- 7 years, in the case of one recent glitch.

What I propose is that TechSmith development pause working on new features for a while and focus on fixing the many bugs people on this forum report, and on bugs reported to technical support that are closed but not resolved.  

I propose that TechSmith scan the "problems" area of this forum and make a list. If something comes up more than a couple of times, treat it as a bug, not as some user-related problem, which seems to be the usual response from tech support -- not "Yes, we may have a problem with that and we'll look into it" but "there must be something uniquely wrong with your setup because a lot of people use our software and don't seem to have that problem." Sometimes there is something uniquely wrong with a setup, but when a glitch has been in a program for years, it's the program, not the setup.

If tech support can't duplicate the issue on their test machines, but the bug has shown up for multiple users, then send it on to development and have them look at the relevant code, rather than just chalking it up to user error, a one-off problem, or simply unresolved.

When that's done, test the product on as wide a range of graphics cards and file formats as you can, and if problems show up with some file formats but not others, or some video cards but not others, then go back and and improve the code so it works in more real-life scenarios, because that's where this software gets used, not in a QA test lab.

Then, when that's all done, release it to beta testers and let them beat up on it, and fix the problems that they find. Finally, when that's all done, put out the release.

That's an "upgrade" I'd be happy to pay for. I'm not interested in upgrading a product that won't use my video card, can't read my mp4 files and sometimes can't read its own screen recordings, and that crashes periodically for apparently random reasons, no matter how many cool bells and whistles it has. And a product like that is certainly not one I'd recommend to anyone else.

But a rock-solid piece of video editing software? That's something with sex appeal.

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Posted 2 months ago

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I've been using Camtasia since version 7.

 Bugs & inadequate functionality has plagued the software.

I believe Brooks has a better handle on this then the previous managers. He hasn't been at the helm long.
I'm optimistic things are looking up. I expect improvements to come incrementally. Requiring patience.

For what its worth,
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I've used Camtasia since way before version 8.6 (I think I started with version 3).  Back then, the act of adding a transition froze the outgoing and incoming video for the duration of the transition.  This was an undesirable feature and my question about it received a fairly curt, even un-courteous response from Support (basically "this is not video editing software, so if you want to edit video use another program" was their answer).

After a few more questions were answered with a similarly dismissive attitude, I stopped asking.

As Camtasia improved, I upgraded.  However, I have seen MP3 disappear as an output option (along with the corporate response that users should just get over it, "MP3 is dead" [?!]) — and I have read many users' complaints of new glitches with each new release, so I've stuck with v8.6.  I still don't ask questions because the standard response is that the problem must lie with me, not with the program (which is just fine thank you very much).

I don't need Camtasia to add more bells and whistles that satisfy a few users; that simply adds program bloat and contributes to a more complicated user interface.  What I need is a non-crashy, still-simple editor with useful functions and features that are easy to find and use.
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Hopefully you realize that MP3 was actually reinstated because of complaints. Albeit in a very odd way. 

Share > Export Audio Only > Then click the drop-down where MP3 is again an option.

Cheers... Rick :)
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It took them 2 years to listen to that complaint, as I recall.