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Currently, to capture some content, you hit the assigned hotkey or click the red camera button at the top of the screen. There is no way to determine the settings you have configured for Snagit.

I propose that you replace the existing red button with an actual icon of a camera for image captures. Then, each configuration you configure would have it's own unique camera icon. Eventually, you could have multiple Snagit Devices (all with unique Device icons) laying around on your desktop (or in a Snagit Device Drawer--see below*).

Device Icons would have the following visual attributes:

1. Body Chassis: looks like a camera for images.
  • Polaroid -- used when you want full screen automatic captures
  • Handheld -- used when you want automatic captures of a window
  • DSLR -- used for automatic or manual capture of portions with filters
2. Base Lens: Looks like an appropriate default lens for the body chassis.
  • Polaroid and Handhelds would have the default lens
  • Large Automatic Lens -- full screen captures
  • Medium Automatic Lens -- used to select a predefined area or window
  • Small Automatic Lens -- used to select UI elements
  • Manual Lens - used to select an area after activating the capture
  • Custom Lens - predefined lens created by 3rd parties available in the Market*
3. Lens Filters: Used to modify the capture content upon snagging
  • Magnification Filters-- used to magnify or shrink content (auto or manual)
  • Color Pallet Filter -- used to set the number of colors captured
  • Color Adjust FIlter -- used to set/replace colors captured
  • Brightness Filter -- used to adjust the brightness
  • Focus Filter -- used to adjust the focus
  • FX Filter -- used to apply special effects to captures
  • Custom Filter
4. Storage Medium: Used to determine the file type for storage or the service for upload
  • none -- loads automatically in Snagit Editor
  • Media Card -- used to determine file type/storage location/file name
  • Link Cable -- used to connect to application or device connectors
  • Wireless Card -- used to connect to Social Media connectors
Configuring your Snagit Device would be like weapon crafting in a video game. You would configure the pieces in a special exploded view and the icon for the device would be updated dynamically. Finally, you would name the device and it would go in your Device Drawer (described in next suggestion)

Though the benefits of this kind of system are numerous, the biggest advantages are:
  • Easily determine the profile you are using by glancing at the Device Icon
  • Easily configure your capture profile details
  • Adds new features to your Snagit Settings
  • Allows you to save your Snagit Settings in an exchangeable format
  • Allows 3rd parties to develop custom devices that make it easy to use
  • Allows modular architecture for 3rd party services like on-line IDEs, forums, BBs
  • Allows modular robust filter effects to be developed, shared, etc.
  • Allows much more robust 3rd party involvement (every Photoshop Filter application and every Printer manufacturer will get involved)
  • The relationship between lenses/chasses/filters/media allows you to limit incompatible settings.
  • just plain better and much easier to use.
I have developed tons of simulated screen images to show how I envision the settings windows and device icons to look. If you decide to do this, I think it would not only give you some great new sales, but it would be the kind of thing that every news agency would just eat up--free publicity.

I really hope to hear back from you about this. It might be really easy to program and the icons would be easy to develop. Creating a custom Device Accessory profile for 3rd parties would really cement Snagit's involvement in every service that used or ever wanted to use screen captures.

Best wishes,


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Posted 6 years ago

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Hi Jason, 

Just wanted to let you know, we've shared your ideas with the Snagit team designers. Not much more to report than that at this point, but want to make sure you know that we've seen your post, shared it, and are going from there. 


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