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I made it a personal habit to press <CTRL>+<S> every once and a while to make sure all my changes have been saved up to a certain point.

I know, Camtasia Studio does auto save, but other programs unfortunately don't. So I don't even think about pressing above keyboard shortcut - I just do it.

So here's my problem: I pressed <CTRL>+<S> half an hour ago after I deleted a call-out. Now I believe I still could use the text from that call-out. Unfortunately I can't get it back now.

So I would very much like to suggest to have Camtasia Studio automatically move the old project file to a temporary location when saving a project file.

The time stamp of the moved project file should be added to the file name of the moved project file so multiple backups of the same project can be stored in the temporary folder.

Additional suggestion:

When closing Camtasia Studio, all files in the temporary folder older than 24h should be deleted to help keeping the temporary folder (and the disk) from being cluttered up.

Also, because Camtasia Studio auto-saves the project file every two minutes (by default), if there are more than two project files for the same hour of day, only the last one should be kept. Here's the suggested workflow (for TechSmith programmers):

  1. Auto save?

    • No: (a) Copy current project file to temporary folder and add current timestamp to file name. (b) Save current project data to current project file.

    • Yes: (a) Save current project file to temporary folder and add current timestamp to file name.

  2. Are there any Camtasia Studio project files in temporary folder being older than 24 hours? If yes: delete them.

  3. For each hour of current day, in temporary folder get Camtasia Studio project file name list. If there is more than one single project file found per hour, delete all but the newest for that hour.

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Posted 6 years ago

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Hey Axel,

I'll make sure to pass all this along. Thanks for the great feedback!
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Hi Axel,

Just a quick note to say thanks for your feedback.  If other users agree, please click the "Me Too" button at the top to express your support for this idea.  The more requests we see, the more likely we are to add this to a future release.

In the meantime, I know it's not exactly what you asked for, but note that you can use the File > Save Project As... feature to do your own backups, and you could certainly name them with whatever convention makes sense for you.

Thanks again for your feedback.
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Hi Dave and Logan,

thank you very much for your feedback on my idea!

I'd be very pleased if something like this would be implemented.

Actually, after reading my suggestion again, I could find a type in 1.[II].(a). It should read correctly like this:

"Yes: (a) Save current project data (from RAM) ..."

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Im wondering have camtasia got around the issue of auto saving, i do regularly press ctrl + S but sometimes get lost in an edit and forget and then boom it crashes and an hour or two work gone, its very frustrating to say the least.
None of the above tips work for me
Please help resolve this issue
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Another thing, it crashes often esp when using the plus or minus keys
very frustrating as im using Camtasia for work - not happy with it at all : (