Create Button-Style Multi Level Menus With Camtasia Studio 8

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Over the years, Camtasia has offered many ways to create front end methods for accessing videos, including Menu Maker, Camtasia Theater, TOCs, jump-to-URL hotspots, etc.  Although Camtasia Theater is no longer a tool in CS8, posts on this forum over the past 2 years indicate a continuing strong interest in menu solutions.

I've used hotspot button menus for many years to front end my video collections, but all were single level menus.   With earlier versions of Camtasia, I was a big consumer of Camtasia Theater productions, assembling single-project collections with up to 450 separate videos.

I've been looking for a way to front in large collections of related videos without using the TOC approach; one that also allowed individual videos to be directly addressed with their own URL

In early May, I began work on a proof-of-concept prototype template that offers a way to present multilevel menus in a non-TOC driven format.   I just wrapped up this first version, and decided to share it on this forum in case its approach might look interesting to others.

If curious or interested, you can access the menu [actually a 2 min 15 sec video that has no video clips within it] at ...

The menu offers 3 levels of hotspot buttons that access 184 short software application tutorials.   Be advised that the target tutorials are just rough draft captures that I hooked up to the menus so that there was a way to test menu performance.  The 184 snippet videos themselves contain 135 jump-to-URL hotspots that allow navigation in a next-clip-in-sequence manner.

The menu video is made from 239 hotspots [55 go-to-marker, 184 go-to-URL]; URL hotspots are scripted to open a new browser window.

At this point in time, the menu only works properly in IE 11 on Win 7 [or Win 8?]; it seemingly works in Chrome but there are issues with hotspot registration vs. time.  I've tested using IE 9 on Vista; it sort of works, but IE 9 will not open a new browser window at full size.

When I built out the menu project, I created it as a reusable template, taking advantage of grouped components from Library; the final URL hotspot parameters were added last, after the initial workup showed promise [it initially worked with over 500 hotspot buttons].

The menu project targets xxx_player.html launch points, so the videos load and start play at full screen size [no need to full screen videos].  Be advised the tutorial videos were captured at 1920x1040, but they are otherwise view-able on a 19" monitor.  On my 24" screen, if the browser is full screened [F11], the quality is nearly as good as working directly in the software app.

All the menu items can be search-navigated by opening the [initially not shown] TOC and executing key word searches [hidden captions enable the searches].

One big benefit of this approach is that the menu video is small, and loads quickly; once loaded, it can persist in memory as long as you want.  And, because all the video subjects are short and are directly addressed, they pop up immediately.

I'm curious how this behaves on Win 8; if anyone uses Win 8 and can give the menu a test drive, I'd appreciate any feedback.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Impressive work!! - I have Windows 7 - But as far as menus go - nothing can beat either Articulate Storyline or Articulate Studio - Multi-layer menus is baked in to each program.

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Thanks Richard

have you used Articulate to produce "menu only" productions [i.e., no other content except launch points to external videos]?

if so, would you have an example I could look at?

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I realize this thread is a couple of years old but I was interested in reviewing the work Kayakman did.  Unfortunately, the link is no longer functioning.  Is this information still available anywhere?

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here is a link to the latest version ...

Main Menu buttons are go-to-marker; Sub Menu buttons are jump-to-URL in new browser window/tab

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