Creating a Camtasia "new" capability in WINDOWS

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DOes anyone know an easy way to create a "NEW" item in WINDOWS for a folder (File Explorer) for Camtasia? There are "new" items for Microsoft Word etc...but how for Camtasia?
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Posted 1 year ago

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I think what he's asking for is an item in the Windows Explorer context (right click) menu. I guess it's called File Explorer now and I'm just showing my age. ;-)
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Applications have their own Context menus. Many apps add themselves to the context menus of appropriate applications. This is common with apps like PDF creators, virus scanners, etc. I think this is what Ralph is asking for.
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I suspect he is referring to this ...

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Interesting. It look like you could use it to open Camtasia, but I don't think you can open a new Camtasia file, which is what he was requesting. I keep a shortcut to Camtasia pinned to my taskbar, so it's only one click away, which is quicker than putting it in the menu would be.
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I can't see much point in the Right Click New menu items to begin with.Other than Folders and Shortcuts.

Maybe the Contacts menu has some use as a shortcut. But to just create a blank document on my desktop?
I never use that menu and opened a bunch of blank documents on my desktop.

They all need to be renamed. You can click them to open the associated program.  But are you really going to save the document to your desktop when your done with them?
Would you save a Camtasia project to your desktop?I wouldn't.We'll, a quick throw away project I would. But it wouldn't be there normally.Or any other file for long.

It seems more like a left over feature from yesteryear to me. Oh well, if you want a blank file, and you want it fast. I guess its a great feature?

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I really don't see where creating a new blank Camtasia file and I'm guessing it would be a .tscproj file would be of any use but here is a way you should be able to do it if you really need it.

I'm doing this in Windows 10  and Camtasia 2018
so your mileage may vary.

This does requires doing some easy registry modding.

If you chose to accept this mission it's all on you.
It worked for me.

This message will NOT self-destruct because I don't know how to do that. Yet  :)

Open regedit as a Administrator.

*** Export a Backup FIRST ***


Scroll down the top of the list until your find this

If the key "ShellNew" is not there then:

Right-click on CamtasiaStudio.TechsmithProject and select New > Key and give it a name ShellNew.

Now with the ShellNew selected
 in the right side pane, Right-Click then click on New > String Value, name it NullFile

Case sensitive matters !!

Exit  regedit  

You may have to restart  your machine !

If all goes well you should now have a new entry in the "New" context menu to create a
new blank .tscproj file.

There is one thing to know.

Camtasia is going to spit up a error when you open it because  Hey, it's a empty project
But Camtasia will open it as a new Untitled Project

So there ya go.

A glorified shortcut from the "New Menu" to open Camtasia from a blank .tscproj file.