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I am going to create software demo videos around 25-30 in a short span of time. Need ideas as how can I save time in editing? should I create a standard intro, outro, other elements etc, add common elements to library? Because I want the videos to look asthetically good but am running against time.
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Yes to everything you eluded to.

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Yep, you are on the right track.

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I agree; reusable modules make a world of difference when it comes to maintaining consistency and reducing creation time. 
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Personally, I'm a bit curious as to the emphatic agreements about the Intros and Outros. As a consumer of such media, I personally find it very tiresome to encounter these as I consume each video of the training.

My own personal approach to creating training involves creating a simple title image and presenting that as the poster frame as well as what you see for a few seconds, then omitting any real intro or outro. But maybe I'm misunderstanding on this.

Perhaps some of you might  enlighten us on the perceived value of creating a series of modules that all share the same intro and outro?

Cheers... Rick :)
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It all  really depends on what the in/out is, doesn't it?  How much information is being repeated each time?  Are the different episodes likely to be seen outside of a controlled environment?  And basically, are we talking about a 2-minute fanfare with a theme song, or something more modest and appropriate to a training series?  There are many factors to consider -- but the responses here don't deal with those factors because that wasn't the question asked.  No matter what the open/close might be, the advice provided is good: if you're making a large series, it saves time to retain the elements as reusable library components.
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That's a fair question. The videos I'm creating are not likely to be viewed in succession, so having an intro and outro is appropriate. My intro is only 9 seconds long, so it's not too burdensome for the audience. The outro is longer but includes a verbal prompt to click on a feedback link, so we can hopefully get some input on the videos. 

I have created several reusable assets, but they're backgrounds. For example, I have a blackboard background that I use for highlighting key points, by editing the text that appears on it. The asset includes the blackboard, a title object and a couple of text objects (along with their behaviors). Having this in the library makes it much faster to create these sections of the video. 

That said, the bulk of the content in my videos consists of recorded screen video that's different for each one.