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I'm using Camtasia 8.  Like MANY people, I have a ton of green screen videos, with live actors, and with 3D Avatars I have created.  It's easy to remove the green screen, but, when the video is rendered, the background is BLACK.  I want to know if these types of videos can be rendered and exported with only the live or 3D characters, with a fully transparent background.  Not  Black/White etc background.  If it can't be done in Cam8, can it be done in any newer versions?  Thanks
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  • frustrated with this task.

Posted 2 years ago

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Hi there

To my knowledge there is no way to render anything from Camtasia that will have a transparent background in the end resulting video. I believe there are only maybe two video container formats that offer this capability. One is the MOV container. I'm struggling to remember what the other format is. Perhaps another forum user here knows and can tell us.

Cheers... Rick :)
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The background can be removed in any video editor if you are wanting them to be used as assets somewhere else.
Why are you wanting them to be rendered out with no background?
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I suspect he want to save his animations for other projects. I have a lot of lower thirds, animated Characters, objects, etc.
Just pop them into a video and away you go.

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I have the same request as the original post from Allen-Lundy. My need is that I plan on using these exported videos in other projects, like Stroryline, and really need the end resultant video to have a transparent background. I recently upgraded to Camtasia 2018, is there a way to achieve this in this latest version? 
Thank you,
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Gordon - did you ever find a solution to this? I too am trying to  use these in Storyline and need it to be transparent. 
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I don't use Storyline so I'm assuming that it doesn't have an alpha key functionality in it.

For my own use, I want to use things like my lower thirds and some other animations in places where this is also the case; something that knows how to display the video if it has transparency but which can't key it itself (or not well).

The best solution I've found is to do a sort of three step process; render out the video from Camtasia with the project background set to #00FF00, then use external software (in my case BlackMagic Fusion, which is free but can be tricky to wrap your head around if you're unfamiliar with it) to generate an output clip that's got transparency in it.

I actually use a combination of Fusion to export an uncompressed AVI with an alpha channel and ffmpeg to convert it from an uncompressed AVI into a format that's losslessly compressed but with an alpha channel (because I'm using it in live situations where 1080p uncompressed frames are quite taxing on the system).

There are probably easier to use third party programs to do something like this, but I haven't found any satisfactory way to do it via Camtasia only unfortunately.