Crop (Custom Aspect Ratio) and then, ideally, Resize Function

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I need to resize images for my WordPress website. They need to be in very specific dimensions. I want to be able to use SnagIt to crop my images (and then resize) in the specified aspect ratio.

i.e. let's say I have a beautiful huge, HQ picture to start with...that is in the wrong dimensions....perhaps: 
original image - 4000 x 3000
ultimately, I need a photo that is 308 x 314  

If I just started with a resize, it would be visually distorted
If I just started with a crop in these dimensions, I would only get a speckle of the original 4000 x 3000 image

what i need to do is 
1) crop to a custom aspect ratio, so that I can expand the size of the crop (but still in the 308 x 314 ratio). this allows me to maintain non-distortion and also see more that just a speckle of the original photo. for example, from my crop, maybe I select an area of the original image that is now 2,772 pixels x 2,826 pixels (still 308 x 314 aspect ratio, but still needs one more be resized)
2) resize the chosen crop to the exact needed dimensions

Please add this feature! It would be so helpful for me, and I imagine from searches I've performed in the community threads, many others!

Thank you for your time!
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  • excited about having new features in my Snagit program!

Posted 2 years ago

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I believe that is beyond the scope of the editor. I can do it in ACDSEE and Affinity Photo, In acdsee I can save the ratio as a preset so one can go a bit faster but you are still going to have to adjust each image individually to get the crop you want
That may be more in the realms of photo editing software. Someone else may jump in with a good way to do that but I am not sure it will be in the Snagit editor.
And I have been wrong before ... many times 
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I use WordPress a lot and I understand where you're coming from. BUT...

(There's always a but)

In my WordPress world (YMMV) the crucial dimension is width because many templates work to fixed widths so that you can control the overall layout.  It's counterintuitive, but the problem images are the ones that are too small because they can cause problems with text wrapping around them in unexpected ways.  In fact I tend to avoid text wrapping in all cases because you never know how that's going to perform on small form factors.

So I have a preset that scales images to meet the width requirements for my WordPress Templates.  It will scale down and up to my preferred width.  If an image is too wide, WP makes a good fist of reducing it. but of course that takes processing power and storage space to throw away pixels you're not going to use.  There a plugin called WP Smush, that will fix that for you, downsizing images automatically and permanently.
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Sorry. While Snagit can do "some" editing, what you're asking for is what Photoshop is for. Whether you get the full blown Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you'll be better off getting something that is already out there that can do what you want rather than try to use software that is not intended for what you want and asking for kludge to make it happen.
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See? I told you someone would come up with a possible solution. It was well worth asking the question as it got us all thinking.IF you Google "cropping software free" you may find something that will do it quickly and easily. If you want more editing capabilities come back her and watch us fight over the various editing softwares. 
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You can do it in SnagIt,
it takes a few steps to pull it off.

Make sure the canvas isn't set to "Automatically expand the canvas to fit objects "

Create an image 308 x 314.

Copy and paste the 4000 x 3000 image over it.
Zoom out the canvas area so you can see the outline of pasted image.

Grab the lower right hand corner of the image and hold down the Ctrl Key to maintain the same Aspect Ratio.
 Drag the image until it's very small.

Zoom in on the canvas area so you can see what your doing.

Resize the image as small as possible "If desired" and position it to taste.
Save the image.