Camtasia Cross Platform Support...Between Project Files on Mac and Windows

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I am sure this is not a unique idea or request, but as a longtime Techsmith Camtasia/SnagIt user I recently (today) downloaded the Mac version to try out and was surprised that camrec and camproj files from my Windows machines are apparently not compatible. It would make for a very efficient and productive workflow if the files were able to be shared across platforms.

I work in technical marketing for Autodesk, and my team is responsible for capturing images and video of our software in use, and then editing/producing for distribution via the web, print, etc. Point being that at times we are capturing on either platform, but would like the flexibility for someone else on the team to edit/produce on another type of OS.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Camtasia Mac to Camtasia Studio PC compatibility.

Can the Mac working format be transfered to the PC to continue a project? I have a Mac at school and a PC at home. Both with the software on it.
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No, the formats are not compatible. On Mac the filename extension is ".snagproj" and on Windows it's ".snag." You can't open a ".snagproj" file in Windows and you can't open a ."snag" file on a Mac. (You can open the various neutral files, like PNG, JPG, etc., but they're all "flat" so you can't move objects around.)

Update: my reply refers to Snagit. AFAIK the same applies to Camtasia.
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Would it be too much to ask a conversion app that converts PC Camtasia files to Mac Camtasia files. It would make sense  since there are captures and editing on both platforms. My issue is I have a colleague whom I am sending the final video to who will make final changes. I have a Mac ... he has a PC.  It's either I get a new version of Windows (bootcamp) or he buys a Mac. 
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As a 20+ year Mac user, I am SHOCKED to say that if I were in your position, I'd get Bootcamp, install Windows, and get the Win version of Camtasia. There are captioning tools in the Win version that are not in the Mac version. If captioning is essential to your work, go with the Win version.

Don't count a conversion utility coming in the foreseeable future.
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I've recently 'cross-graded' to the Mac version, and though I'm not sure, it seems that the Windows version is more powerful and full-featured. Hopefully, as Techsmith makes the two versions more intercompatible, we'll also see a boost in the Mac version's capabilities.
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Steve Covello- just FYI, there is captioning on the Mac version as well, though it works differently. Maybe you already knew that, and if so and you use something in the way the Windows one works or like it better than the Mac one, we'd love to know.

I'm not saying that addresses the overall issue of project incompatibility of course.
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Just a quick question. If I create project files in Camtasia 7 on a PC will my coworker be able to open them on his Mac?

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Move Mac Camtasia project to PC Camtasia project.

How do I move a Camtasia project from Camtasia for Mac to Camtasia for PC? I want to transfer all the markers and anything else that was set up on the Mac timeline. I fully realise I can export an MP4 video and then reapply the markers in Camtasia for PC but of course I wouldn't want to be doing that as it is time intensive.

There is a very good reason for doing this. We have a website that streams/plays our Camtasias (made on the PC). Unfortunately, Camtasia for Mac exports do not have the same file structure and use a sub-folder, so our website cannot see the files correctly. Therefore any Camtasia for Mac projects I am given have to be re-made on the PC software.

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