CS 9.0 User Interface Suckss, Stability is better

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Camtasia Studio 9.0 may be better in the stability area on complex edits, but the user interface is complete garbage compared to 8.6

Look at MS Windows they are giving Windows 10 away free, probably because no one is upgrading from Windows 7.0 like me as Win 7 is just fine, all other Windows suck ass, I am not upgrading to Win 10 The user Inteface is still not right, I will check out Win 11.

I recall playing a game back in the early 90's called MOO2 Masters Of Orion 2, excellent game, very popular, then they decided to make MOO3 and totally change the game in every way and give it a more complex interface, they game died in the ass and the company never recovered.

This is why we learn History in schools so we can learn from our mistakes.



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Posted 3 years ago

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Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it    -- George Santayana

We learn from history that we do not learn from history.           -- Georg Hegel

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I tried 9.0 within a day or two of it being released... and
couldn't get it off of my computer fast enough

I sooooooooo agree with Wizbasky.

My "motto" has become..."when all else fails, read the

If I HAVE to read the directions to be able to use anything,
I'm doomed...

Software HAS to be intuitive for me to be able to use it.

I've only had to watch 3-4 tutorials on Camtasia 8.6 to
make it work...

I couldn't do much of anything with 9 without having
to stop and watch another tutorial... and the tutorials
typically DID NOT help me fix the problem...

PLEASE... whatever you've spent to change the user "experience"
to what it is now... is NOTHING to what it may cost you
in sales in the long run.

Camtasia 9 is HORRIBLE to try to work with.

NONE of the tools that I had grown accustomed to using
were easily accessible...

RESTORE Camtasi's 8.6  user tools



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yeah I feel ya pain, I already got my refund of 9.0 I will just use 8.6 until I have to buy another brand of software.