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Audio recorded with Reaper at 48Khz , 32 bit mono. Importing the wav file into camtasia studio I get distortions even inside studio. Exporting in mp4 format, automatically converts the imported audio to stereo without asking. Very buggy in sound management.... I read posts 3 years ago with the same problem, but techsmith did not fix this even in 8.4 version. The only solution right now, is to add the sound stream with an external application .

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Posted 5 years ago

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I'm certain a brusque command such as "FIX IT NOW!" will IMMEDIATELY be heeded by TechSmth as they quake in their boots. ;)

They aren't genies that obey our every command. I'm sure they want their software to work correctly just as bad as we do. The unfortunate fact is that like it or not, bugs happen. ;)

Additionally, the more old threads you choose to resurrect and issue the same demand, the less likely it will be for them to listen to you. (I see you have posted three different times about the same issue) It comes off a bit as a child throwing a tantrum because they aren't getting their way.

Odds are, the software works fine for the vast majority of users and this particular issue (although I'm quite sure it's frustrating for you and anyone this happens to) is something reasonably rare. I'm confident that if it were common, it wold have been fixed much sooner.
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your audio encoding specs may be the issue; Camtasia Studio prefers its audio at 44,100 16 bit

if you change the encoding, does that help?
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I dont remember very well but I think I had the same problem before years and recording my narrations to 44Khz and 16Bit fixed somewhat the problem.  I am not sure that this tip was really fixed the problem but I am sure it sounded better. After all those years I updated my CS and worked again without take any precautions cos I really erased all those problems from my mind and of course I was pretty sure that it wont be a problem any more !! I was so wrong !

Maybe the mentiond treatment will make the things a little better, but for me, this is not a solutions. We spent about $2000 to get a better audio equipement and the result is a catastrophic. I thought that my consumer speaker sucks. Then I listened again the original wav file and the result is like comparing telephone and hi-end speakers. The audio encoded (a simple voice narration) in 192Kbps.

I dont trust CS in this matter anymore. I will add my audio stream with an external application in a second phase, which means an extra step to get the final result.

I am using the free app YAMB 1.6.0 for this purpose.

Hope, they will fix it in a next release. 
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We are having audio quality issues as well. Can someone point me to a resource that explains what settings and encoding we should use? thanks!
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16bit , 44khz , should make things better but I suggest to use an external app to add the already encoded audio stream . I suggest the free YAMB.

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