CS9 Upgrade Included in Maintenance But Prompted to Pay

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When I logged into Camtasia for Windows 8 I received a prompt that I could download the CS9 update. Then it informed me that I could pay for it. I was overjoyed (actually I'm being sarcastic). You see I'm on a maintenance contract that expires in 2017. So it really makes me wonder - are the people who build the scripts for upgrades just completely missing the boat or am I?

Why would someone be prompted for an upgrade if they already had a perfectly valid maintenance agreement in place. And yes - I went to my account online, I checked, and low and behold I have one and its valid. But no where can I find an easy means of upgrading.

If the response from a helpful person is that I will only need my key in order to upgrade for free then here's the response: how STUPID is that? Why should I be faced with the inconvenience of the whole thing. Gee an xtra hundred lines in the Upgrade script with one Y/N query to a data table and voila I'm not having to put in a script because I'd be directed to a download that didn't require it.

I'm sorry but it just seems a bit silly to me. If someone could please point me to a reasoned response I'd so much appreciate it. Thank you. Kevin H - Allen TX

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Posted 3 years ago

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Actually you are lucky!  From all of the negative comments I have seen in this group about Camtasia 9 from the dark gray print on the new "professional" black background, to numerous freezes, to...well, I'll let you read them yourself.  If you upgrade to Camtasia 9, you will find that you will be longing for the stability of Camtasia 8.6 and, like me, you will go back to Camtasia 8.6 and wait for TechSmith to finally acknowledge that Camtasia 9 is, in reality, an untested beta release that is simply not ready for release.

I am waiting for Camtasia 9.1 or, perhaps even wait for Camtasia 10.  In the meanwhile, I will be using Camtasia 8.6 until I completely switch over to either the modules that do the same thing Camtasia does but in the Adobe Creative Suite or the Corel VideoStudio X9.  Either way, I will not waste another second of my time with Camtasia 9.
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Hi Tim,

It sounds like you've had some bad experiences with Camtasia 9. We do a lot of internal testing with the product and we also shipped out beta versions of Camtasia 9 to a large number of existing customers.

Unfortunately, there are nearly limitless software and hardware configurations out there and we will never be able to test on all platforms. We will certainly make an effort to fix as much as we can that comes up after release.

That being said, if you are running into crash/hang problems, please utilize our free support at https://support.techsmith.com. They are equipped to collect all the details needed to help track down bugs so we can get them prioritized and resolved.

Sorry for any issues you've encountered, I know it's frustrating when you can't depend on the software you're using to produce projects.

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I do understand the challenges that software developers face when trying to develop a package in a one-size-fits-all universe of a virtually limitless set of parameters.  However, there seem to be so many new and diverse problems with Camtasia 9 that I find It difficult to believe that much beta testing was done.  I have been on the beta testing crew of a very popular brand of software that runs embroidery sewing machines.  Over the years we have gone through versions 7 through 11 of that software.  At no time in this lifeline did the developers decide to take such radical and unwelcome changes such as changing the entire look and feel of the UI that TechSmith did when they went to the black format.  Someone explained that the new black UI looked more "professional".  To be honest, none of my customers have ever cared what the various version of Camtasia Studio looked like...they only cared about what my products made with Camtasia Studio looked like.  Virtually none of my customers knew much less cared what product I used to create my videos.  As I have been monitoring the various problems being reported by Camtasia 9 users it seems that the problems are as numerous as they are varied in their composition.  Correct me if I'm wrong here, but when TechSmith went from Camtasia Studio 7 to Camtasia Studio 8 I don't remember the virtual firestorm of complaints with the new (Camtasia Studio 8) version.  I have, reluctantly, made the decision to move away from Camtasia 9 and await the release of Camtasia 9.1, perhaps even wait until the release of Camtasia 10.  I have other, more stable and more feature laden products from Adobe in their Creative Studio package and from Corel in their VideoStudio X9 software.  Therefore, I shall be devoting all of my time to migrating away from Camtasia 9 to one or more of those other products and await a wake-up call from TechSmith when Camtasia 9.1 or 10 is available.

Good luck with straightening out the mess on your hands with Camtasia 9.  I loved Camtasia 8.6 but now I'm moving on.

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If you have a maintenance agreement through 2017
with TechSmith for Camtasia you can have both 8.6.0 and 9. 
It is included in your agreement.. Just put in a
support request  and they will give you a Key for 9.
I have both still on my computer and can use them
as needed while I learn 9 and they work the bugs out.
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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your feedback about this process. Yes, we realize this isn't ideal, and we've been working on making this a better experience, but there are still some pieces of the puzzle that need to be completed.

It sounds like you already know that you can view your maintenance status and product keys at https://myaccount.techsmith.com if you've purchased through the TechSmith Store. 

This is actually one of the steps we've taken over the last year. In the past, neither your maintenance nor your new product key would have automatically appeared in your account.

In the future, if you're signed into Camtasia with your TechSmith account, we will be able to pull the product keys in for you automatically and you won't need to manually key them in. This workflow is already in place in Snagit, but it didn't make it into the initial Camtasia 9 release.

For now, you have to download the new version and add the product key yourself.

We should also be able to detect your maintenance status in our in-product upgrade messaging to get you onto the latest version more seamlessly, but we're not quite there yet.

Thanks again for your comments; they indicate that we're on the right track.