Customized Tool Hotkeys for Windows Version

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Hi Snagiter,

I am using Snagit'18 with Win10.

It would be great if you can imporve the number / or possibilities of "tool hotkeys" in the windows version.

If I have tested out correctly its only possible to select the tools by CTRL+1 or CTRL+2 etc.
1. pushing two keys - it would be great to reduce them to one (like in greenshot, or photoshop)
2. no fixed hotkeys, If i have to change the toolbar, due to a project, I change also the hotkey assignment

Solution A - "Low Budget":  A fixed hotkey assignemt (A for Arrow, T for Text, M for Move and so on). 
Solution B - "Medium Budget": A fixed hotkey assignemt (A for Arrow, T for Text, M for Move and so on), what can be enabled or disabled (in general) per parameter
Solution C - what is my "wishlist" - Having a menu to enable the user to customize / select & set an additional hotkey per tool. (free in combination, means with one key, two keys or three keys)

Perhaps its also possible to provide the mac-hotkeys for tools to Win10

Many thanks for your attention

best regards  and a merry xmas


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Posted 7 months ago

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You have to click a qualifier with the hotkey otherwise snagit does not know whether you are typing in the program or hitting a hotkey.

Using your example:
A for Arrow, T for Text, M for Move and so on

If you want to type "atom" the a will activate the arrow hotkey.
If you want to type "tom" the t will activate the text hotkey.
If you want to type "Mary" the m will activate the move hotkey.

In all three examples how would snagit know the difference?

Unless I'm not understanding what you mean I  don’t see how one key would work unless you could make snagit read your mind to know your intentions.

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So jasons,

Photoshop uses single letters to select tools. You don't need a qualifier key.The only time you would is when you're actively typing in a text box.
As you will see in the image below. It's Photoshop CC and the keyboard shortcut management window.

You will see a lot of repeated letters used. But that's because on the toolbar on the left, several tools occupy the same space.
If you look at the icon I highlighted with yellow on the left. When you right-click it you can access six different tools. The one you select becomes the active tool. They all utilize the same keyboard shortcut. You can only use one tool at a time. So there's no need to assign them all at different letters. I only mention this because if you're unfamiliar with Photoshop. The shortcut menu might look confusing, with so many tools sharing the same shortcut key.

Regards, Joe
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