Dashed Outlines Available for Shapes in Snagit

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I would like to be able to have dashed lines when I create a shape like a circle, square, or ellispe in Snagit. running version 9.0.0. this is a product request. Should also have centerlines for shapes.

Note that you can have dashed lines for lines, but you cannot have it for the outline of a shape
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John Cournoyer

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Posted 8 years ago

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Please add support for this feature.

A shape with dashed lines.

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I also very much would like for shapes to support dashed lines. This is really a common feature in vector editing tools like Visio, and I would use it frequently in callouts.
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Nigel Pinnell

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+1 - Odd to not allow dashed outlines to, say, a rectangle
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Tuan V. Le

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I'm using version 10 on Windows and am disappointed that TechSmith could not figure out how to address this issue. I checked with my teammate and he's using Snagit 2.1.5 for Mac and his version has this feature. What should be the real excuse here?
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I too am disappointed that Snagit doesn't support shapes with dotted or dashed outlines.  Hoping that this feature is added in an upcoming release.
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+1 for the dash debate - this is something that I have wanted for a long time - at present I have to transpose my snags into whatever medium I am building a presentation (typically Word/PowerPoint) and then I add a dotted/dashed line - this is very inconvenient, and also means I lose the advantages of saving layered images (or non flattened) in my library
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Sam Jones

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4 years since this was raised? Still no dashed lines! Come on guys this can't be that hard, lots of people clearly want it.
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Can't believe it's been 4 years and they're ignoring this feature.  C'mon TechSmith - surely this can't be that monumental an effort.  We need this!
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I concur!
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I moved to Mac. It works there so what's the holdup with WIN?