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I've been a Camtasia user for several years, but can't find the functionality that I (and my clients) are wanting. Hopefully, I've not missed anything...

I am currently creating training videos for one software company and have been in discussions with another to possibly do the same. I mentioned that I use Camtasia, and both were receptive (good!) However, one of the biggest concerns each company had concerning using a product like Camtasia is that, with the constant upgrades that web-based products make (and TechSmith mentioned this is one of their "how to" training videos) is that video content becomes obsolete. And it's not just that it becomes obsolete, it also becomes obsolete and, without going back and watching each video, or reading each script (which would have to have a notation as to which screen is being viewed) it is hard to know which video needs sections to be replaced.

SUI  can be used in some situations, but it cannot be used all the time because of the necessary detail on the form being captured. What needs to exist is a companion option for each video where the developer can make entries describing the various screens captured throughout each video. I've never created a video where, after I finished it, I simply shared it to the appropriate desination. I always have a need to go back through the video and make small changes here and there. So, if I could, at each time a screen is captured in the video (say, switching from a menu choice form of the product back to the home screen, and then to a new dialog), I would be able to make entries noting which screen I included, then those entries would be stored in the database. Then when a project is completed, the database entries of the various screens are included, making it easy to do a search for the different screens used. 

Making it even easier is that the data from each project could be added to another project to keep track of all screens captured for a specific version of the product. (For example, I create a project that includes Making a Word document is just a cumbersome way of tracking data that needs to be consistent (from project to project) and needs to be kept "with" the video. (Leave it in the original project file - so it is available to the developers, but it wouldn't increase the size of the finished project.)

This need is similar to a "marker" but it is not something that the end user should see. If you could create a "developer's marker" that stored each marker in a database file which is stored in the project file, then the information could be used to keep track of what screens were used, and an easy search could provide a list of updates that would need to happen (before a contemplated UI update were scheduled.) Having the ability to estimate what % of a project would need to be "re-shot" would be a huge help in anticipating possible costs and necessary timelines before updates are scheduled.

Hopefully the above scenario will provide enough evidence that TechSmith will strongly consider adding such a feature. (And if the database were flexible enough so that each project could have its own field names created by the user, then this option could be used for many different users for reasons besides the above.)
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Charles, the little projects that I've been working with using CamLOC to extract captions, also have callouts stacked at T=0

although I've not worked with the callout function in CamLOC, it looks like I'm seeing strange, unexpected results

like multi line callout at T=0 only returns last line in callout, or, nothing is returned at all [blank text]

if you want, I could provide a sample project

also, would you prefer I address stuff like this out side of this thread?

if desired, you can email me at "bob at cookbookplus dot com"