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Until recently, when I created a new screenshot, snagit auto-opened the editor, and my previous tool (by which I mean the one I was using last) was auto-selected for use with the new screenshot.
This still partially happens, but as of a couple of weeks ago, there's a subtle, unwanted change.

I'm usually using the shape tool, with the top left option, a red rectangle with no fill.

Now, every new screenshot opens up with Shape as the default tool, and a red rectangle, but with a WHITE fill. Not exactly a major issue to go back and change it, it's two clicks. But it's two extra clicks on Every Single Screenshot. And it's two extra clicks that I never used to have to make.

Is this a deliberate new feature? Or a bug? Is anyone else having the same issue?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Rick Stone

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Hi there

After you change the fill to what you want, have you tried adding it to the Quick Styles? Maybe that's the answer?

Cheers... Rick :)
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I noticed the same thing. I just thought it was how they did the "latest and greatest" version of Snag-It. Hopefully they get that changed/fixed.
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Heather Ceana

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This doesn't help. I've had mine added to the quick styles for over a half year, and still the bulk of the time that I have a new screen shot, that bloody red square with white fill and a shadow is the default. It's not even in my selection!!
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Here's what I did, I open SnagIt 2018 and selected a tool.I did this 3 separate times.
I selected the Quickstyle positioned at the top left hand corner of the available styles in the menu.I put a   magenta rectangle around them in the image below.I used the tool.
Then I closed SnagIt and made a capture.

In all three instances, SnagIt remembered the tool I had selected.
However, the Blank/Default style was always selected and highlighted. "Green Rectangle"
That never used to happen.

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Thank you! How can I ensure I know when it's resolved?
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Joe Morgan

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So, TechSmith is considering this identical to other reported  bugs.


I think this is the same bug that we have described here:  Snagit (Windows): Quick Style Is Not Remembered Between Captures

We are working on a fix, and hope to have it in the next update for Snagit.  Thank you!

Which involves reinstalling version 2018.1.1 and waiting for a fix to be released.Which is what I've already done.
But you can click on the attached link and see that for yourself.

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I am also having this problem and it is VERY annoying to somebody who takes many screenshots daily and uses the rectangles/circles with transparency on almost every single one. 

I'd like to know when this is resolved. It would be nice if this was just fixed in an update. I think Transparency should be the default option anyway.
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I'm constantly making screen shots for user manuals. I like to "ring" them with a dark grey rectangle, no fill. This is unspeakably annoying! As is the resetting of my customized menu bar every couple of months. I get sick and tired of re-arranging and adding items back in. Also, copying and pasting an item in a new image causes the canvas to NOT resize to what was pasted in, even though I have that "feature" ticked. It's really too annoying for a professional technical writer. Wish my boss would choose something else. I used to swear by SnagIt. Now, it's a pain in the rumproast.
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Hello there,

well, it would seem to me that you are in a rather untenable position.

What to do about it would be based on a series of factors. At least from my point of view.

Are you running the newest version of SnagIt version 2018.2 .2?

The reason I ask is I haven’t been using SnagIt 2018 since the beta release of SnagIt 2019 which was a very long time ago. And if the newest version is giving you all these problems it leads me to my second conclusion/set of recommendations.

There is the free approach which comes with some drawbacks. Revert back to SnagIt 2018 1.1by downloading it through this link. . Which involves uninstalling and reinstalling SnagIt. You need to make sure to save your files while uninstalling SnagIt.

But there’s a problem with backdating versions. There are number of other things that were fixed according to the version release notes. That would be lost by going back and versions. It was also some time around that time, that SnagIt 2019 beta came out. So I can’t speak from experience just how stable that version was. Because I really can’t recall how many months I’ve used it.

I bounced between Camtasia 2018 and the new beta version a bit, but I liked 2019 so much. I pretty much quit using 2018 altogether. That being said, if you did backdate to 2018 1.1. You would need to know what bug fixes and updates you would be losing so I’m attaching that information.

Snagit 2018

25 September, 2018: Snagit 2018.2.2

·         Removed short links due to service retiring. Previous links will continue to work.

·         Fixed issue where some updates were not being recognized by Snagit updater.

·         Updated registration of GIF codec to prevent repairs during Windows updates.

·         Fixed issue where some machines would not go to sleep when Snagit was running.

·         Resolved last used tool not remembered after closing Snagit.

·         Resolved unable to initiate subsequent captures from the taskbar menu.

·         Improved stability for long webcam recordings and when starting a video with webcam.

·         Resolved some webcams remaining on at all times when Snagit is running.

·         Improved messaging around accessing the microphone due to disabled Microphone Privacy Settings in Windows 10.

·         Improved Bluetooth devices not playing audio while Snagit is running. There may still be issues with certain Bluetooth devices that may still have

·         issues while recording.

·         Enabled Grab Text on cloud virtual machines (e.g., Amazon and Azure).

·         Fixed issue that turned off in-app messages after updating Snagit.

·         Updated French offline help document.

·         Other bug fixes, performance enhancements, and security improvements.

28 June, 2018: Snagit 2018.2.1

·         Updated web security protocols.

·         Resolved memory leak on Windows 7.

19 June, 2018: Snagit 2018.2.0

·         Added French language.

·         Added cursor view to Eraser tool to show area that will be erased.

·         Added corner handle to round rectangle shape to allow for adjustable corners.

·         Resolved error when changing audio devices on Microsoft Windows 7.

·         Resolved crash when resetting default styles under the Urban Theme.

·         Resolved bug preventing users from selecting 'Choose a destination folder' in the Dropbox share dialog.

·         Resolved crash when creating a GIF on Microsoft Windows 10 (1803).

·         Resolved bug preventing Snagit from working properly on systems running Microsoft Windows 7N.

·         Resolved bug where disabling system audio also disabled microphone audio for video recording.

·         Resolved bug where users could not update the background color if a custom color was previously selected.

·         Resolved bug preventing GIFs from being saved with special characters in the file name.

·         Resolved French and German language characters from displaying correctly in Snagit banner messages.

·         Resolved bug that occurred when using scrolling capture on Google Chrome window with certain system DPI settings.

·         Resolved video capture fail with error 18.

27 March, 2018: Snagit 2018.1.1

·         Fixed moving the video selection area, so new location is recognized.

·         Increased Twitter character limit to 280.

·         Improved Canvas Snapping performance while zoomed.

·         Fixed hotkeys to work with function keys when Snagit does not have focus.

·         Fixed crash when deploying Snagit with custom output paths and allow installed outputs folder to be created when using environment macros.

·         Fixed OneNote output to save settings for future.

·         Updated stamp cursor to reflect Stamp Tool icon.

·         Updated offline PDF help documentation.

·         Other bug fixes and performance improvements.


Then there’s option 2............. Consider requesting an upgrade to SnagIt 2019.

Now, before you pull out the pitchforks, tar and feathers.

Consider this, I would wholeheartedly agree with you if you said, TechSmith hasn’t earned the right, to expect you to upgrade SnagIt again, if ever. Considering they never fixed the previous version. And if you’re in a corporate environment, where several licenses are involved. That could change the conversation from a simple upgrade to, it’s out of the question.

Here’s the big Catch-22/elephant in the room. In the long run, it’s usually cheaper in terms of man hours invested, time wasted learning a newer product, etc. and so forth. Then purchasing and switching to a new product. When the product upgrade were looking at only cost $25.

If you take your base salary and the time you waste fighting with SnagIt 2018. I think you’re find , you can pay for the upgrade by not wasting your time in short order. I also think that it’s a ludicrous excuse for upgrading your software. But a practical one all at the same time.

I have a number of clients that I do video editing for. My software of choice is Adobe. There are a lot of reasons for this.

I have been working with Adobe’s software for many years. It would cost me a fortune to jump ship and go through the learning process to create videos with the same professionalism on another platform.

 I consider SnagIt an entirely different story. As one could probably adapt to a similar program over the course of a few hours or days.

But how many upgrades with that few hours or days cover? And is this new program faster than SnagIt? So lots to think about. My morning project got put on hold for a while. So you got stuck with me over thinking your issues for a bit. LOL

Well, me and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Where I flip on my microphone and talk to my computer. And Dragon does all the typing for me. So if there’s any typos, blame Dragon.

Regards, Joe

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I just updated and thought it was a PEBKAC issue (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Char).  I agree this is annoying and am looking forward to update to fix it.  VERY, VERY annoying.
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This is driving me crazy as well!  Tech Smith, any updates?
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Apparently, it's fixed?!
The link above says that it's been resolved, and that update was made 'Tuesday' (presumably 25th September)