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I'd like to be able to define resize preset options
So create a few different reusable presets the would be presented as buttons on the resize dialog

such as
1)width = 728px
2) width  500px
3) height = 90px
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Posted 3 years ago

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That would be a great usability addition.
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Very interesting suggestion. Is this something you'd want for making sure images are scaled (while maintaining aspect ratio) to fit a certain width and height? Do you ever need the same image scaled to different sizes? I only mention it because of the specific examples that you gave.

Can you give an example or two of when this would come in handy? (I ask because it helps us figure out the details of implementation better if we take on work related to this)

One thing to mention, if you haven't found it before, is that this is possible with Snagit Windows using capture presets (but not Editor or Mac yet). Quick example:
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I typically resize images to one of several sizes. I'll resize the image again if I'm not happy with how it looks on the first resize. Note that in my case, and I think the general case, is to specify only one dimension so the aspect remains the same.

I run a bulletin board website. I am often posting images (or fixiing) for people. I want to keep all images down to a max of 728px wide.  I also make images for use as banners with a 300 px wide tth with. I would image if some one does enough image capturing to justify using snagit, they have a standard routine with common constraints.

The Windows Capture preset would be awesome! Please port to the Mac! 
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That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for filling in the details for us! :)
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This would indeed be a great feature... and building on this further... what would be even more awesome is if Snagit came with a Resize flyout submenu that listed out all the various options for social media posts as there are a few different image types for each platform (cover images, post images, profile images etc) so that the canvas size in Snagit could be resized to the precise dimensions required for each context — tools like Buffer's Pablo and Canva provide these types of social-media-centric template size options, but having it in Snagit would be great because it's our go-to app for quick image resizing, cropping, annotating etc. Have a look at Always Up-To-Date Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet Google Sheet by Sprout Social and this post by Buffer, The Ideal Image Sizes for Your Social Media Posts: Guidelines for All 6 Major Social Networks. As it's a constantly moving landscape—whenever a social platform changes its design/layout—having all these sizes built in to Snagit's resize function would add a LOT of value to the app, imho. Whenever a size changes after a social media platform makes a change, Snagit could publish out updated Canvas Resize templates.  
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To carry this suggestion farther, I take a lot of screenshots that need to fit into our documentation. I end up having to resize each one of there individually and that is time consuming. I would love to have preset width or height options so that before I click to capture a screenshot I know it will end up with that size.
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I believe this is possible by defining a capture preset, then using that preset when you capture.