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Very often as I edit videos, it's to edit mistakes in a presentation (where you simple do a retake without starting from scratch for a certain section, or to remove "aaah" and "uhms". So that leaves me with a video with several little gaps. 
It'd be cool to do a "universal shift-left" that removes all the gaps and consolidates all the sections that remain, instead of having to manually shift-left for every little gap...
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Posted 1 year ago

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when you do a remove, do you use the ctl-X shortcut?

that will delete the selected section AND move every thing back together; that way, should should not have any gaps to worry about
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But remember:  this will not shift any locked tracks (which is good if you have something that has to remain with no deletions).
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I do what @kayakman does. It works fine and even stitches clips together too. However, I do agree that a feature like deleting empty sections would be of benefit in Camtasia. Premiere Pro has it: right-click on an empty section in the timeline, and Premiere offers to "ripple delete" that bit. I'd love to see that feature implemented.
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I like this idea. While you can ripple delete as you cut (either as noted above or through my preferred [Ctrl]+[Delete], you still have to manually do it if, for example, you adjust clip speed which I need to do multiple times in many of my episodes. A one click solution to remove every gap has my vote as for me at least it would be a huge time saver.
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Am I missing something...or is Paulisenberg's question still unanswered?

We want to remove all gaps in one fell swoop...that is the point.

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Unfortunately, to my knowledge there is no way presently to achieve that. TechSmith would have to build that into the application.

I believe what has been offered thus far is a way to alter your workflow so that it becomes unnecessary for such a function to exist or be created.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Which for all "cutters" this (I call it auto-delete) issue would be the NO 1 Timesaver for this group.
The functionality should allow to define a timeframe (0.1 sec to 10 or more seconds) from which the autodelete should start. For example: Delete all sections without sound (gaps) starting from 0.2 sec.

I do not know how complicated this would be to programm.

In my dreams It could go like this
First: There is a scanning mode where a autodetect "thing" will find all the gaps in the video/audio
2nd maybe you could see this than on the screen
3rd you will be asked: Should all the gaps bigger than X sec. "weeded" out?
press 1 for yes 2 for no
4th before 3 the current file should be stored as original.

I do not understand WHY such an Tools isn't implemented in Camtasia. 
Many guys would pay 1 to several hundred bucks to see this established.
It had to work fine. That's for sure.
If it works fine it's worth a 4 figure sum for most cutters.

so go do it Camtasia

or if not please write about the problem why you can't do it.