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Very often as I edit videos, it's to edit mistakes in a presentation (where you simple do a retake without starting from scratch for a certain section, or to remove "aaah" and "uhms". So that leaves me with a video with several little gaps. 
It'd be cool to do a "universal shift-left" that removes all the gaps and consolidates all the sections that remain, instead of having to manually shift-left for every little gap...
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Posted 1 year ago

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kayakman, Champion

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when you do a remove, do you use the ctl-X shortcut?

that will delete the selected section AND move every thing back together; that way, should should not have any gaps to worry about
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But remember:  this will not shift any locked tracks (which is good if you have something that has to remain with no deletions).
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I do what @kayakman does. It works fine and even stitches clips together too. However, I do agree that a feature like deleting empty sections would be of benefit in Camtasia. Premiere Pro has it: right-click on an empty section in the timeline, and Premiere offers to "ripple delete" that bit. I'd love to see that feature implemented.
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Mal Reynolds

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I like this idea. While you can ripple delete as you cut (either as noted above or through my preferred [Ctrl]+[Delete], you still have to manually do it if, for example, you adjust clip speed which I need to do multiple times in many of my episodes. A one click solution to remove every gap has my vote as for me at least it would be a huge time saver.
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Am I missing something...or is Paulisenberg's question still unanswered?

We want to remove all gaps in one fell swoop...that is the point.

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Unfortunately, to my knowledge there is no way presently to achieve that. TechSmith would have to build that into the application.

I believe what has been offered thus far is a way to alter your workflow so that it becomes unnecessary for such a function to exist or be created.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Which for all "cutters" this (I call it auto-delete) issue would be the NO 1 Timesaver for this group.
The functionality should allow to define a timeframe (0.1 sec to 10 or more seconds) from which the autodelete should start. For example: Delete all sections without sound (gaps) starting from 0.2 sec.

I do not know how complicated this would be to programm.

In my dreams It could go like this
First: There is a scanning mode where a autodetect "thing" will find all the gaps in the video/audio
2nd maybe you could see this than on the screen
3rd you will be asked: Should all the gaps bigger than X sec. "weeded" out?
press 1 for yes 2 for no
4th before 3 the current file should be stored as original.

I do not understand WHY such an Tools isn't implemented in Camtasia. 
Many guys would pay 1 to several hundred bucks to see this established.
It had to work fine. That's for sure.
If it works fine it's worth a 4 figure sum for most cutters.

so go do it Camtasia

or if not please write about the problem why you can't do it.


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Agreed, removing all gaps would be extremely useful.
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This has been discussed many times, here is one:

Here's why automatic removal won't work: 
  • You demonstrate something while talking about it.
  • You pause speaking while doing a tricky keyboard and on-screen move
  • You pause mousing while you explain the tricky move
  • You mouse wrong or speak wrong and need to fix either/both
IBM Deep Blue can't fix all that, and even if it could, Deep Blue doesn't know what you want to emphasize. The unfortunate reality is, to make top quality screencasts, you will end up editing video then recording voiceover to match.

And when you do that, the 10 minute video you recorded will end up as a 2 minute, kick-ass, concise story.
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I absolutely defer to your expertise on Deep Blue and Watson. It's not often that a real expert calls me on my BS.

I don't understand how any algorithm could autocut the "Um" gap at 0:10 or the long pause at 0:27 in the clip below. Please help me understand. 
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Mal Reynolds

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Paul, thanks for that.

Dave, here's how it works, because at this point I really can't put it any more diplomatically:
Step 1:  Unmount your hobby horse;
Step 2: Take off your blinkers;  and then
Step 3: Maybe, just possibly, understand that automatically cutting Ums or pauses is not (for about the third time now) what this thread was about and that at this point YOU are the only one banging on about that particular theoretical feature.

That is not to say that such a discussion can't be had or has no value, but it was NOT the topic that the original poster raised here, nor the feature that he was asking for.
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Dismounted, blinkers off, I surrender!
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Mal Reynolds

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Don't surrender! Just hit a different thread!

For what it's worth, though, I do actually agree with the point that you were making; my concern was with the original poster's request (which to my mind is an important one) getting buried under a tangent.

I believe that the part of the OP's request is at least partly addressed in C2020 but I've yet to use that in anger yet so I'm not sure to what extent and/or how well it works.
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Dimitris p

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thats live streaming .Come on .it not Nuclear physics. There is another favourite workflow where we first make a sceencast then voice recording and then adjust . in this wokflow we can elimianate all gaps .
you dont need to worry about how it will be used .we know how we will use such a feature.