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I would like to see a "Delete media from disk" entry in the context menu of the Media bin.

I find it hard to manage unwanted media files having to delete them first from the Media bin, then manually from disk through Windows Explorer.

Or maybe this already exists and I'm blind ;-)

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Posted 2 years ago

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I understand where your coming from.

However, since media doesn't actually reside within the media bin.
It's only linked to the media bin.
If you want to modify your project and delete it from the media bin.That's a Camtasia function.

Deleting it from it's stored location is a Windows operation.  You cannot delete it while it's
 open in Camtasia.

You have to remove it from the Media Bin or Close Camtasia "First".
Then delete the file from it's stored location. That's just the way it is.

I'm sure you could create a command line technique to force the issue.

However, I'm thinking it could also corrupt Camtasia ".tscproj" project files. Hopelessly breaking projects and possibly rendering them un-openable/useless the next time you attempt to use them.
If the media you're permanently deleting resides on the timeline.That would create several problems.

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Hi Joe, thanks for the reply.

It's not really a problem, I just saw this as a "nice to have" because sometimes I will do multiple "trash" takes to set things up, and being able to clean up my mess in one swift action would make life easier (IMHO).

Of course, the user is responsible in the end, making sure not to delete stuff he/she still needs :-)

It's also the fact that this type of function already exists in many software. First one to come to mind is VMWare Workstation where you have both a "remove" and a "delete from disk" functions for virtual machines. The first one simply removes it from the list of available VMs, while the second removes it from the list, but also deletes it from disk.

But again, no big deal. I just wanted to make sure I was not overlooking a possibly existing function hidden away in some obscure menu.

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You can dump the ones that aren't used in the media bin by right clicking in the bin and selecting "Delete Unused Media". (It will only appear in the context menu if there is any media in the bin which is not used in the project.) That removes it from the bin, not the disk.

Since I keep all of my files for a project in one folder (thanks to Camtasia's inability to handle relative paths) I leave the project open and then go and delete whatever I want to in that folder, such as abandoned .trecs. The fact that the project is open means that I can't accidentally delete ones which are in use, which is a useful safety net.
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I love the idea! I'd like to have the same. The recordings file are piling up dramatically, and the only solutions I found was a bit ''expensive'.'
  1. Export all your projects as ZIP
  2. Get rid of the recordings
  3. re-import what you need
But it is a lot of work...
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