Development stalled - The End of Camtasia Studio

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From my perspective, Camtasia Studio v9 is by far less productive and reliable than v8 was.

The GUI is slow and cumbersome. You need so many clicks to reach the parameters you want to change.

Animations in v9 are a mess. They are controlling so many parameters, and when you change a parameter at one place - even if it's just the color of a mouse cursor setting - you need to edit it in all the other places, too.

TechSmith made the mistake of creating a single GUI for all the operating systems - thereby ignoring the useful user style guides that evolved over time for, e.g., Microsoft Windows applications. All the useful techniques to use a software fast and efficient on MS Windows (e.g. keyboard shortcuts) cannot be used with Camtasia Studio.

Many, many (!), simple to implement yet desperately missing features provided in this forum as improvement suggestions over the last couple of years have not been implemented.

Many - if not even all - of the bugs I reported have not been fixed over the years. Instead, development completely stalled.

From time to time TechSmith deploys a new minor version to lead us to believe that Camtasia Studio is still an actively maintained piece of software - yet, in fact, it isn't. The new minor versions neither come with improved features nor with any bug fixes at all. I hardly believe the minor versions come with any changes. It looks like they have just changed the version number for the new minor version to deceive customers making them believe they are still working on the project.

Apparently, there is no development staff working behind it. Given the project progress, the project itself may be regarded as abandoned and dead.

It's sad, yet true:

Interpreting all the above facts, Camtasia Studio is an abandoned, a yesterdays' piece, of software, similar to Winamp.

For me it's time to move on to pastures new.

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I think the OP was a bit over dramatic, but there is one thing I think he got right that I noticed as a new-ish Camtasia user.  

I found the transitions, effects, behaviors, etc. to  be bewildering, and difficult to change parameters.  I still find myself confused from time to time, and I click on what I think will invoke a parm change and nothing happens.

The thing is,  I'm an experienced programmer and DBA with a lot of background in object oriented programming, so it isn't like I'm swimming in new waters.  I don't know what can be done to simplify things at your end, but anything you can do would be greatly appreciated by me!
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Hey Glen, thanks for your insightful feedback about transitions, etc. (I'd probably lump them all under the term "animations", if I'm understanding your problem correctly). If you haven't yet, give this tutorial a watch, especially around the 55 second mark, as it does a good job of showing how keyframes on the timeline affect different parameters that are applied to the clip.
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Even after I updated CS9 today, the audio and video quality while editing is frustrating.  The transitions don't show up when I play them after inserting them.  The video is choppy and does not play smoothly.  I presume it is skipping frames.  The audio also stutters (repeats the same sound several times).  It is really hard to edit when the preview quality is so poor.  I was happy with CS 8, but CS 9 is frustrating!!  The video and audio play just fine on my media player.  I really do not want to learn a new editing program, so please fix it.  This has been happening since I first installed CS9 and none of the updates has fixed it.  I use Windows 10 and it is also up to date.