Direct Deleting a snag without confirmation

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Deleting a file without confirmation ???
Snagit 11 it a great improve! The tutorial also is best!
But this I still greatly miss in version 11:

If you want to delete a snag, you have to got to STRG DEL or to the red x. Then you have to make a second step to confirm the delete action. This is in many cases wastet time and action.
There should be a "Quick delete to basket"- Button without any further confirm action!!!
I made this proposal many times in the versions 8,9,10 already.
I am sorry that it still is not in version 11 :-<

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Posted 8 years ago

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Thank you for your feedback. There are a couple of reasons why we do this for the user. One is to ask whether the user really wants to delete the item or just remove it from the library. The other is an important one, many times a user will accidentally click on something they don't mean to. This question allows the user to confirm that they did indeed mean to delete the item.

You suggestion of a "Quick Delete" option is not a bad one and maybe something that we can look into.

Thanks again for your feedback and for using Snagit for all these years!

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You suggestion of a "Quick Delete" option is not a bad one and maybe something that we can look into.

It was a good idea, 2 years ago, still is.
Maybe in 11.5.. ?

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I wish you would code a quick delete button into Snagit. There's nothing more annoying to me than having to make multiple clicks to delete something. If I make a mistake that's what the darn recycle bin is for and I'd prefer not to have a nanny ask me if that's what I really want to do. I know what I want to do.

This behavior is the one single thing that annoys me the most about this really great product.

[It's always the small stuff that gets to you.]
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I just want to let you know that either one of you called in to Tech Support, or we have yet another person who dislikes this behavior.

I want to reiterate that we appreciate the feedback, and it helps even more when we're getting lots of it!


Larry L.
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When I want to delete a capture from Snagit Editor I right click the capture in the library and I'm presented with a menu which includes "Delete". However, according to Techsmith "Delete" can mean "Delete this file" or "Remove" from the library. Consequently, after I select "Delete" Snagit forces me to respond to a dialog box and choose either Delete or Remove. Why not add a "Remove from Library" command to the context menu (with a different shortcut key combination) to avoid this extra operation? If some people would prefer (or need) the extra dialog box, an option could be added to Program Preferences so advanced users could choose to skip it. Or, a "Don't show me this again" checkbox could be added to the Delete/Removedialog box.

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Proposal to eliminate Snagit Editor dialog box when deleting captures.
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That's also a great idea.

I typically use the toolbar where I put all my most used commands. I have the red X there that I normally use - and I use it a lot - to delete captures. It would be great if it did just that without the dialog box.

This suggestion goes back to v9 and I understand why TechSmith came up with this solution and it's because many users are confused about the Library and it's functions so this extra dialog is a safety measure. But it's annoying to me.

It's amazing what little things can cause a bother but as you can see this has been a pet peeve of mine for many years now. Every chance I get I climb on the soapbox about it.
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Now we got version 12. Nice. But still there is no way for a default setting:

Delete direct to basket. I always have to do a second klick.
Sorry in version 12 too.
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I 100 percent agree this would be a good feature, and I will tell you what make is so. First of all, the Library gets VERY full with all kinds of junk; Within the Snagit Library view, the images (thumbnails, barely) are far too small to tell whether the images are ones I want to keep or not. There is no option to zoom these so far as I can see. In this manner, Snagit operates much poorer than Windows Explorer preview. Second, files in the Data Store are in proprietary format and Windows Explorer cannot display them. So there is no way to zoom images without re-opening them from the Library. If Snagit is so concerned we not delete the wrong files, why not let the images in the Library resize? Opening clutters the Editor and leaves items in a recent mode that are better left in their date order.
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Hello mrbillbenson,

I would like to have one click delete as an option as well.

However, you can increase the size of the thumbnails. There is a slider and a drop-down menu "Drop-Up in this case". It's at the lower right hand corner of the library.
See Image Below, Click to enlarge

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Manny Carvalho, Champion

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Also bear in mind the reason for the proprietary format is so that any modifications made can be changed,  Any other file format will lock changes in by flattening them all.  However, you don't need to use the library view if you don't like it.  You can save flattened images anywhere using the format you prefer and then link that to the Snagit editor.  As a result you can use the viewer you want with Snagit.  What you lose is the ability to change previous modifications.

I too have suggested the one click delete for years but unfortunately I don't think that option is returning.  At least It would be great if it was a user decision rather than a TS one.
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I'd love the option for a Delete confirmation. Too many times I think I am deleting a stamp or a shape and the whole image is deleted for good. So a confirmation when deleting a whole image would be a nice option.
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It has been over SIX years since the request was made for a quick delete. Still no action on this. Terrible interface. Tiny thumbnails or full page pic and back to the start. Cleaning up or deleting anything in Snag-it is terrible. The features get to be less and less rather than more and better.
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I'm not sure what you mean by quick delete. Quick delete a .snag from where?

In the Editor..........If you go into preferences and select
Prompt before deleting files........ and Un-Check that box.

If a .snag is open in the Editor. You can click it's thumbnail in the Recent Captures tray at the bottom of the Editor, hit Delete on your keyboard and it's gone.
You can also Ctrl + Left click to bounce around and select more than one. Or Shift Click to select several in a row.

You can do the same thing it the Library.

You cannot delete the image directly from the canvas. Delete from the canvas area is reserved for removing part or all of an image, callout etc. from the canvas.But the canvas remains, so it's never a 100% delete.So to speak.There's still something there to annotate on, paste to or save.Even if your saving a transparent image, it's there.