Add video capture to SnagIt for Mac

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I purchased SnagIt for Mac and realized it did not have video capture feature. When will this feature be available? If too long then I'll have to purchase Snapz Pro
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Paul Bailey

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Posted 9 years ago

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Daniel Foster, Snagit strategy lead

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Hi Paul, thanks for letting us know this is something you're missing. It's definitely a feature request we hear from folks, so I change it to an "idea" in the hopes that others will chime in.

Two other notes... First, if you're disappointed at the level of "I want my money back" you can request a refund from our sales department:

Second, is there something we could have done in the product description or videos to make it clearer that Snagit for Mac did not have video capture? Was there anything there to suggest that it did? We want to make sure we're presenting the feature set of each product as clearly as possible.

Thanks again for getting in touch!
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I also purchased snagit because I wanted video capture. I had used it on my PC at work and now have a mac. When I downloaded the client and found that there is no video capture I was disappointed.

When will this feature be added? Please prioritize.
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David M. Converse

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Kem, this is obviously an important feature and our developers are aware that customers want video in Snagit. Currently we offer Jing and Camtasia for Mac which have video capture features.

TechSmith has not made any public announcements regarding a new release of Snagit for Mac but when that happens we'll certainly be spreading the word!
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Dear Daniel & David,

I think the issue is that many of us are familiar with Snag It on PC. It is very confusing that you would offer a product under the same name that does not have the same features. When I hear "All in One Capture" and the description says "Snag anything, on the fly." I assume that this means video as well since, well, video would be considered something on my screen and I'd assume that qualifies as "anything."

I will not be purchasing Snag It because it lacks these features. I do think that on the Snag It for Mac page you need to put something that says "Video Excluded" or video features coming soon, etc. As for Jing, I tried it yesterday when I realized Snag It did not have video. I was not impressed. I will not be purchasing this software either. Perhaps Camtasia will be different, but I'm guess it probably won't be. I'm really looking forward to video for Snag It. I hope it comes out soon.

Thank you,

Jennifer Hudson
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Yes I too am disappointed about the lack of this feature in the Mac version. It's surprising that features would be LOST when purchasing a LATER version of the software. Guess I'll boot up my old PC...oh wait...that won't work because I was attempting to capture a defect that is only occurring on Safari for MAC.

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David M. Converse

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Christy, until our developers have a new release of Snagit available, you can use Jing or Camtasia for Mac for screen capture.

Snagit for Mac is new where our Snagit for Windows is 20 years old, so yes unfortunately not all of the Windows features are implemented yet. Please stayed tuned for announcements about new features and functionality.
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I'm a long time Snagit and Camtasia user on the PC, I've owned Snagit for the Mac for quite some time now. Tonight's the first time I've tried to capture video with Snagit on my Mac and I'm quite disappointed in the lack of functionality! Please add video capture to Snagit for Mac!

I'm on the verge of buying another program which does both video and static captures. If I buy that program I'll quit using Techsmith tools in an effort to eliminate redundant apps in my workflow.
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Looking forward to seeing this feature implemented
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Add me to the list of very disappointed customers. I bought SnagIt for my startup company based on my excellent experience with the PC version. To find that you're selling the same product, FOR THE SAME PRICE, with a MAJOR feature missing, is definitely not cool.

"What made you think Mac SnagIt supports video?!" about...your entire website.

Your Windows version "Features" page does NOT mention video - so why would NOT showing video on the Mac version mean anything? And, in fact, the product says you can "upload to" - which implies a video.

Yuck, you guys. This is really, really, really lame. You've said several times in this thread that you'll 'change it to an idea' in the hopes that 'others will chime in'.

Ok, we've all chimed in. That was over a year ago.

Can you at least tell us WHEN video capture is planned for the Mac version?

I just traded my PC version for Mac - but now I feel like I got a major downgrade for my troubles.
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Marcus Naumburg

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and here is another disappointed guy wanting the ability to capture screen as video.

been using snagit for pc quite a while and that was the most used (if not only) function. so now when I'm a mac user its a huge dealbreaker for me.

won't be using snagit until its implemented in the mac-version also.
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I used SnagIt for years on the PC. Since I have converted to the Mac I purchased SnagIt for Mac and am very disappointed in the Mac Version. I need video capture ASAP.

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Need Video Capture for Mac ASAP!.
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Official Response
Hey everybody,

Snagit for Mac version 2.0 was just released with new video capture and many other great features! With version 2.0 you can take a video of any length and send it to, YouTube, Facebook and more! You can see what else is new here:

If you are currently running Snagit on Mac version 1.0.3, you must first upgrade to version 1.0.4 before upgrading to 2.0.
We strongly recommend opening Snagit and selecting Snagit > Check for Updates.
Version 2.0 is a paid upgrade, if you install from within Snagit you get a free 30 day trial and can either purchase for the upgrade price of $24.95 or revert to 1.0.4.

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Joel Galbraith

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Yes, a vote for Jing pro style webcam capture and integration into snagit for mac. What a loss to be without tis feature.

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