Do not like the "enhancements" to Snagit - more clicks required in addition to other lower functionality

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reasons I dislike the new version of snagit - anyone who has workarounds or tips for me please reply!

1) in the past all I had to do was hit the Print Screen button on my keyboard to activate snagit (1 click). I would highlight what I wanted copied (second click), it would automatically open up in snagit ready for me to right-click to copy (three clicks in total).

Now I have to first open up snagit because it won't activate just by clicking on print screen (1 click), then I have to wait for it to load, then I have to go to the top of my screen and click the red button, (2nd click) then I have to highlight what I want to take a screen shot of (third click), then I cant just go and paste it, I then have to hover over the camera icon and click on that to open the image in snag it (fourth click), and then I can copy it (fifth click and patience is officially lost because of how long everything takes to load and get to the point of pasting elsewhere.

2) in the past, if I wanted to expand the image's white space while editing the screen shot in snag it, I would just drag the white boxes in the corners of the image to expand the white space. Now some genius decided the extra white space should be a gray and white checker box design, therefore making your image look like it's sloppily copy/pasted. So now to avoid that because I played around and couldn't see any preference menu from whence I can remove the selection for the stupid checkerbox pattern so now I take the screen shot, copy then open up the paint program and paste there and expand white area there if needed.

I use snag it and now paint at least once a day for little things and I officially hate all the stupid "enhancements" that took an efficient tool and made it way less functional. Writing down this feedback in case anyone at snagit cares to see

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Posted 3 years ago

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1.  Print Screen works just fine for me. When I first installed Snagit it told me that another application is using the Print Screen Key and if I want Snagit to use it instead. You can define ANY key to do the job. Simply open the little SnagitCapture Tool and right underneath the huge red button you will see the current key, click on it with our mouse and then push the new key you want to use. Done.

2. That "checkerboard" is nothing but a notice that its transparent. All you have to do is use the fill tool and voilà, its any color you want it to be. 
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Just a note about the fill tool. One super easy way to configure it to the background color is to press and hold the Control key down as you click and sample the background color you want. Then you just click to fill.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Hi, Lena,

I don't work for TechSmith, but I'm sorry these new features seem a bit more cumbersome.
The recent enhancements actually make life MUCH easier for those of us who use SnagIt to do more than copy/paste. For you, there are simply a few settings that you need to adjust and you'll be back in business. Your old SnagIt was setup the way you like it, and the new one can be as well. You should only have to go through these settings once.

On the issue of too many clicks:

Start SnagIt

Click the Hotkey feature right under the Capture button

As soon as you click that, press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard to make it stick

Toggle the "Copy to Clipboard" button to ON (blue)

Click the File menu and select "Capture Preferences..."

In the SnagIt Capture Preferences pop-up, make sure that "Run SnagIt when Windows starts" is checked

All of these changes should make your SnagIt experience better! Less clicks! You will still need to press Print Screen, click and drag your region, then click whether you want a photo or video captured, but the picture will be immediately copied to your clipboard and ready to paste into emails, documents, etc.

On the other issue (the checkerboard pattern):

Most SnagIt users love this feature. It means that we can make the screen bigger, and add arrows, etc., that go outside the capture. For example, look at the first image I used. The arrow is hanging off the capture:

In the SnagIt editor, this looks like it has checkerboard patterns to the bottom and right of the original capture, but when you paste it, you will only see the background of your document, email, etc. If it is necessary to have a white color added, you will need to use the paint bucket to fill that in, but I honestly think that if you realize this is intentional, you may join the rest of us in loving this feature.

THIS is what you see in the editor:

And THIS is what you see when you paste in another program:

I really hope this all helps!